Sarah Palin

Rooting for Palin

Make no mistake, wingnuts. We want more Palin. Not less. As much as you can dish out.


Maybe I’m wrong about all of this, but I think that if Republicans make Palin their nominee in 2012, it might really end the party once and for all. And the idea of Palin as Reagan in a jogging suit might just be powerful enough to lead the GOP down that road.

The inside-Washington Palin people like Broder, Pat Buchanan, Roger Stone and Rich Lowry are in complete denial about her utter lack of substance (and her utter lack of desire for substance).

Sarah Palin's "maverick" quality isn't part of some ingenious gameplan to rewrite the American political system. It's all about her very obvious ignorance. She's like a student who just fills in random circles on a scantron test. They're not operating on a higher plane. They're just stupid or unprepared or out of their depth.