Rubio’s Higher Calling Will Take Him to an Anti-Gay Conference

On August 11th and 12th, senator and failed presidential candidate Marco Rubio will headline and deliver a keynote speech at a virulently anti-gay conference where a who's who of bigots will gather.

Amazingly, Rubio will attend this "Rediscovering God" conference on the anniversary of the Orlando nightclub shooting.

via RightWingWatch

The Orlando-based Liberty Counsel Action, an extreme anti-LGBT group whose affiliate is famous for representing Kentucky clerk Kim Davis in her stand against the Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision, announced in an email today that the Florida Renewal Project will be hosting an event called “Rediscovering God in America” in August. The event will be headlined by Rubio, who will speak alongside anti-LGBT activists David Barton, Bill Federer, Ken Graves and Mat Staver.

You may recall, as we covered it here at the time, that Rubio reconsidered his decision not to run for reelection because of the shooting at the gay nightclub.

Rubio said the Pulse shooting called him to serve a higher purpose and renewed his belief in public service. Rubio's public service, if you could call it that, includes his long record of opposing basic civil rights for gay Americans, from gay marriage to gay adoption, among other things.

Rubio, who used the Pulse shooting as an excuse to run for office, will mark the anniversary of the shooting by delivering the keynote speech at a gathering of the most anti-gay savages in the country.

  • Aynwrong

    Sadly, he will probably win reelection. I’d love to be proven wrong.

  • Toolymegapoopoo

    This is the thing–the ONLY thing–I will give Trump and Chris Christie credit for: They made this little creature, Rubio, look even smaller and less significant than he ever did on his own. Looks like Rubio got a peek at Trump’s playbook and is now trying to copy it.

  • muselet

    A man is known by the company he keeps. –Aesop, “The Ass and His Purchaser”


  • It did inspire him to run for office. Just in case the Orlando shooting caused sympathy for gays, Rubio wants to make sure he’s in a position to fight against that sympathy.

  • Username1016

    I was wondering that too. I know time often passes faster than I think, but that Pulse shooting was NOT last year, it was in June of THIS year!

  • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

    Are two-month anniversaries a thing now?