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Rudy Was Passed Over For Another Job

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

This story from CNN is ostensibly a story about how everything Trump and Giuliani touch turns to shit, but there's a brief anecdote buried halfway down that I found bewildering.

A source who spoke to CNN says the only reason Giuliani joined Trump's legal team is because he wasn't "sharp" enough to be secretary of state.

Giuliani was a Trump loyalist during the 2016 presidential campaign who kept his eye on one position -- secretary of state -- but it soon became apparent that he wouldn't get it. A source with knowledge of the President's thinking at the time said Trump passed Giuliani over for the high-profile role because he thought he wasn't as sharp as he used to be.

You know, if you were Trump, would it really be smart to hire someone who isn't sharp enough to be secretary of state to represent you in the most consequential legal case of your life?

Moreover, if Giuliani is "not as sharp as he used to be," should he really be responsible for making your biggest legal decisions moving forward?

Giuliani has given the rest of the legal team pause, two people familiar with the matter say. Since he joined, Giuliani and Trump have maneuvered the strategy separately from everyone else, and are expected to be the two who decide whether Trump will ultimately sit down with Robert Mueller.

What could go wrong?

  • mnpollio

    Was Giuliani ever “sharp”? About the only incredible thing he did was cash in on 9/11 and con a large swath of the country into believing he was “America’s Mayor” based on…well, who the hell knows? I have never understood what exactly he did that was so laudable. I do know that a lot of his bad decision making led to increased chaos and some needless deaths of first responders on 9/11, but that seemed to get swept under the rug. If this odious wet fart of a man leads to the implosion of Trump and his ill-gotten presidency, so much the better.

    • ninjaf

      Wasn’t he responsible for putting their communications or something in the basement of the building and that was why they had a such a hard time communicating that day? Or am I condensing the timeline and those things did not happen at the same time?

  • muselet


    As Trump looked for a more aggressive approach to the Russia probe, he sought solace in his old friend “Rudy,” who had a similarly abrasive and volatile style. But after a string of stunning interviews in recent days raised more questions than answered them, the President began to realize that his hope that Giuliani could end the investigation quickly might have been misguided.

    Giuliani, however, has been insistent that he and the President are synced.

    “You wont see daylight between me and the President,” he told CNN Thursday.

    Though the President has been displeased with Giuliani, a source familiar with his thinking said it’s not likely he will fire him.

    Donald Trump apparently feels “annoying” and “loyal” are more important attributes in a lawyer than “sharp” or “competent.”

    At the end of all this, we may all owe Rudy Guiliani thanks for his (inadvertent) service to the nation in these difficult times.


    • ninjaf

      Donald Trump apparently feels “annoying” and “loyal” are more important attributes in a lawyer than “sharp” or “competent.”

      This is the basis for all of the decisions that get his base riled up. Has it annoyed a “librul” or an “e-lite”? Yes? YAY! No? Boooooo!