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JM Ashby
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In other news, Morgan Stanley says alcohol sales are expected to be very good over the next 6 months. No shit? I have personally contributed a lot lately.

Meanwhile, Russian president Vladimir Putin is reportedly planning to convert the FSB into a ministry, effectively giving it the same powers as the defunct KGB, just in time for the country's next presidential election.

Finally, the city of Charlotte, North Carolina will not back down and repeal their non-discrimination ordinance. State House leadership says they'll repeal HB2 if Charlotte repeals theirs ordinance. No one is taking that bait.

  • RamOrgan

    The local Repugnant party office (Reedsburg, WI) put out a sign that says “The Adorable Deplorables”. Really something to be proud of, eh?

  • Given the excitement and hopefulness of the Russian metamorphosis in the 1990s and the embracing of Democracy, Putin is a terrible, terrible development. Back then we really didn’t see this coming.

    • Ironically, he even entered office through Russia’s first democratic transfer of power.

    • Hindsight being what it is…maybe we should have known. At the time we knew that a kleptocracy was developing, which is what happens when a market is suddenly “free”. You know that no holds barred libertarian paradise? And kleptocrats love either to become strongmen or to have one as a front. So Putin was more than happy to oblige. Once he was in power he stopped being a front for them and started bossing them around. Any kleptocrat who didn’t fall in line was destroyed. Now Putin has all the marbles. We should pay heed to how he rose to power because there are some parallels with Herr Drumpf.

  • Aynwrong

    If Putin’s Poodle gets into the White House we may be seeing the creation of a ministry or two in this country.

    Heaven. Help. Us. All.

    • ninjaf

      I see him as more of a Pomeranian.

  • In re: the FSB “promotion”, the Russian election seems to be a real dud. Apparently they have the least number of people voting in the country’s modern history. I guess Russians figured out that Putin is going to win no matter what they do. It’s either that or they’re A-OK with having a dictator. Putin is fast becoming the most dangerous person in the world.