• Wait. You said no jackassery, but I just looked up Cosmos (redux) to see how long I need to wait before going all Captain Jack on it [that’s code], and found out ….

    “The executive producers are Seth MacFarlane and Ann Druyan”

    Seth “Misogysshole” MacFarlane? It’s gonna be fart/fat jokes about stars, with Neil DeGrasse Tyson staring silently into the camera for exceedingly long amounts of time, innit?

    • JozefAL

      Yeah, because it’s completely IMpossible for someone best-known for “fart/fat jokes” to have other interests. Did you know, for instance, that MacFarlane released an album of Sinatra/Rat Pack-style standards because that’s what HE wanted to do?

      Did you also know that MacFarlane helped the Library of Congress acquire extensive material about Carl Sagan?

      “The Sagan collection has come to the Library through the generosity of writer, producer and director Seth MacFarlane, and is officially designated The Seth MacFarlane Collection of the Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan Archive.
      The collection comprises approximately 800 boxes of materials that document Sagan’s life and work and includes his extensive correspondence with scientific colleagues and other important figures of the 20th century. It also includes book drafts, publications files, “idea files” on various subjects, records of various symposia, NASA files and academic files covering the years he taught at Cornell University. Among the personal files are his birth announcement, handwritten notebooks of his earliest thoughts and grammar-school report cards. In addition to manuscript materials, the collection includes photographs, audiotapes and videocassettes. Researchers and scholars will be able to use the collection once it has been fully processed by the Library’s archivists.” (http://www.loc.gov/today/pr/2012/12-104.html)

      MacFarlane has been quoted at his complete admiration of Sagan as well as “Cosmos.”

      • Badgerite

        Anyone who admires Carl Sagan can’t be all bad.

    • IMHO, MacFarlane is an equal opportunity offender….as all good comics are. His humor doesn’t bother me and if it does offend enough people, society is quick enough to ding him for it. If a comic isn’t offending someone, they’re not doing their job very well. Just my 1/2 a cent.

  • feloniousgrammar

    Joe Momma, you can edit your comments with expressions of chagrin, corny jokes, kudos to Ashby, etc. Just leave enough context to say it was your bad.

    I didn’t know where the sound was coming from, hit mute on my computer, and wondered why it wasn’t off already.

    • Joe Momma

      One cannot come down harshly enough on autoplay. I don’t really care what you think, it wasn’t for you.

      • feloniousgrammar

        Testy. Does somebody need to rub your tummy?

  • Joe Momma

    Please do not EVER autoplay a video again. I’m serious. I’ll kick you out of my morning rotation so fast your head will spin.

    • Joe Momma

      I love this site, but I don’t do auto-play. Period.

    • JMAshby

      Chill. I didn’t even realize it was auto-play. I updated with a different source that does not auto-play.

      • Joe Momma


      • Joe Momma

        Please delete my msg, I do not wish to impugn this site. I genuinely love it, however I am deadly serious in my sentiment.

      • mrbrink

        Too late! Glitches! Glitches! Repeal! Repeal the internet!!!