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Sarah Palin’s Book Tour Meets Reality In Wausau

(AP Photo/The Express-Times, Matt Smith) The Associated Press

AP Photo/The Express-Times, Matt Smith

It’s worth noting that not everyone sees Sarah Palin’s book tour throughout Walmart, America promoting her latest marvel of human existence, “Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas“ as the hard-covered sacrificial lamb for all of America’s secularist sins against Christmas.

Like her patented and classy, “Christmoose Chili,” Sarah Palin continues to serve up gaseous bowls of Jesus meat at the most profitable soup kitchens in Pottersville.

Responding to Palin’s stop in Wausau, Wisconsin last week, The Wisconsin Rapids Tribune welcomed her with clarifications and sound advice, reminding her of the true spirit of Christmas and democratic redress on the local level.

It starts out, “Dear, Sarah Palin,” and then welcomes her to reality with all the Christmas cheer of an audit.


We believe you were attracted here in part by the recent controversy in the Wausau School District about a policy that would have limited Christmas music in some holiday performances. You weighed in online on that controversy, which seems to fit with the broad themes of your book.

If so, some words of caution: To reduce what happened here to a “battle against Scrooges who want Christ out of Christmas,” as you put it on your Facebook page, is to miss the way this community came together around this issue — and the way local leaders listened to and responded to community voices.

You’re reducing it to politics, to polarization, a battle between two sides. We understand why. But that isn’t right. That isn’t what happened.

Therein lies the root-cause of the needless, partisan divisions in this country. In other words, “You’re of course welcome here, but you really should just cut the shit already.”

That’s all we’re asking of you, really, Republicans. Remember how we all came together to elect Ronald Reagan? That was us– the more than half of America you demonize as partisans and secularists and evil socialists. Remember after 9/11 how George W. Bush’s barely-literate rubble-pile speech lifted his approval rating into the 90s? That was us then, too, putting partisanship aside that only really seemed to serve your unearned egos. All we’ve gotten in return from you is government shutdowns, costly investigations to nowhere, impeachment proceedings, and militant obstruction.

In the spirit of Christmas, we’d really just like you to resolve to not be such opportunistic dicks about everything. Not much to ask at all.

But I suppose that would take a Christmas miracle.

  • Badgerite

    There are certain standards ( popular songs ) that people want to hear at Christmas. And it has nothing at all to do with politics. The Catholic schools had pretty much the same selections of religious and secular music at their concerts. It’s just what people want to hear. Only Sarah Palin could or would try to turn that into some big partisan bullshit campaign.

    • Badger, the guy above, who you liked his post, is a Palin supporter and he didn’t mean it in a positive way at all. Perhaps you agree with him? But I hope not.

      • Badgerite

        Oh sorry. No, I don’t agree with him. I just get a cheap thrill when someone dishes out a taste of their own ridiculous medicine to them is all. Sorry. My bad!

  • M Joseph Sheppard

    And then you have this on your site (That was us then, too, putting partisanship aside)

    “Conservatism is a Mental Illness
    muselet — There aren’t enough fuck yous in the universe. –alopecia

    • The bickering never stops between conservatism and liberalism. However, there are situations where coming together is a necessity for the good of the country as a whole. Mr. Brink is right to call out those who value their own aggrandizement over the welfare of the country when those situations are occurring and Palin certainly fills the bill. Alopecia on the other hand is a commenter on this blog. He doesn’t get tv/radio play and he doesn’t do book tours. To compare the impact of his remarks with Palin’s is ridiculous.

    • Badgerite

      Do you really think, as Sarah Palin wanted to pretend, that including a Jewish song in the concert somehow disrespected Christmas or Christ? I, personally, think it was appropriate and maybe even overdue.

    • muselet

      Yes, I wrote that. And I stand by it.

      I’ll mark your attempt at misdirection 7½ out of 10.

      Have a very nice rest of the day.


      • M Joseph Sheppard

        Of course you do-but perhaps you regret not using even filthier language like Bashir which is standard for the left’s war on women

        • muselet

          Four things:

          1) Bashir who?

          2) Cam Edwards and Laura Carno said cruel and stupid things about the victims of violent crimes. Victims which included a teenaged girl and a former congresswoman, both of whom were shot in the head. I decline to be polite to—and deferential to the precious feelings of—despicable people.

          3) “The left’s war on women”? To quote from Monty Python’s Flying Circus: “Hails of derisive laughter, Bruce!”

          4) I’ll mark your latest attempt at misdirection 4 out of 10.

          Have a good evening.


    • Badgerite

      What’s more those were written in comment to a post that noted the rather unchristian cuts to the food stamp program. Making sure families can eat should not BE a partisan issue. Cutting the food stamp program literally means that people don’t eat. So what is ‘conservative’ about that? You wanted us to pull together to NOT feed people?

  • Stephen Hero

    Hell yes, Cesca!!

  • muselet

    If Sarah Palin put on a red rubber nose and floppy shoes, do you suppose anyone would notice the difference?


  • Treading_Water

    ChristMOOSE chili??? Why does Sarah hate mass, the celebration of Jesus’ sacrifice and the ritual cannibalism practiced by the Church.

    Put the Mass back in ChristMAS!

  • formerlywhatithink


    “You’re of course welcome here, but you really should just cut the shit already.”

    Should be changed to this:

    “You really should just cut the shit already, then you’ll be welcome here.”

  • Craig Moffitt

    Make no mistake, regardless of whatever the pretext is, Sarah Palin is only about advancing the cause of Sarah Palin.

    • Christopher Foxx

      This isn’t obvious?