Scott Pruitt is a Paranoid Nutcase

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Scott Pruitt seemed pretty loony when he installed a spy-proof safety booth in his office, locked all the doors on the floor his office is located on, and retained a larger security detail than the president typically has, but he's apparently done more than that.

According to the Associated Press, Pruitt has also hired companies to sweep his office for listening devices and install sophisticated biometric security locks.

An accounting of Pruitt’s spending for the bug sweep and pricey locks was provided to The Associated Press by an EPA employee who spoke on condition of anonymity, citing concerns of retaliation. [...]

EPA paid $3,000 in April to Edwin Steinmetz Associates to conduct the bug sweep. The purchase of the biometric locks, which typically work by electronically scanning a person’s fingerprint, was spread over two transactions earlier this year of $3,390 and $2,495.

For his part, Pruitt's office says he needs the extra security because he has received death threats, but that doesn't explain why he's sweeping his office for bugs and building a sound-proof booth.

There's no way he's not doing something illegal in there. He's gone to greater lengths to keep information in than to keep people out. What is he trying to hide from the public?

  • swift_4

    We need to start sending him some messages. Some email. Some written. Some with cut out letters.

    “I know what you did.”
    “I can still see you.”
    “We are watching.”

  • muselet

    Apparently the EPA’s administrative offices have been swept for bugs before, but Scott Pruitt is one step away from full-on crouched-behind-locked-doors-and-drinking-his-own-urine, Howard Hughes-looked-sane-by-comparison, paranoia.

    I hope someone tranks him, and gets him out of his office and to a place where he can get the care he so desperately needs.


  • Nefercat

    Paranoid? Or reasonable actions taken to prevent anyone from finding out what kind of evil/traitorous/grifting/immoral/unethical shenanigans/crimes he was up to that would get him in more trouble than trump?

    But nutcase? Definitely.

  • Badgerite

    Next thing he’s gonna want is “sharks with friggin’ lasers”. Doesn’t seem to much to ask if the head of the EPA is now Doctor Evil.