Scott Pruitt is Comically Corrupt, Continued

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

It's time for another roundup of stories featuring the most comically corrupt agency chief I've ever seen.

Although Pruitt was charged just $50 per night while he lived in the lobbyist condo, Politico reports that he somehow fell behind on the payments.

Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt was at times slow to pay the rent on his $50-per-night lease in a Capitol Hill condo, according to two people with knowledge of the situation — forcing his lobbyist landlord to pester him for payment. [..]

A spokesman for Pruitt declined to comment.

CNN reports that the owners of the lobbyist condo could be fined by the city of Washington D.C. because they're not licensed to rent.

The property owners do not hold the business license required to rent the property, the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs said in a news release. The notice of infraction "carries a potential fine of $2,034," according to the release.

It also appears that Pruitt may have been leasing directly from Steven Hart, not his wife Vicki Hart. The Huffington Post reports that Steven's name appears on the lease but it was scratched out.

Steven Hart told ABC News that the condo was co-owned by his wife, Vicki Hart, with other unnamed partners. He said he believed the rent Pruitt paid — $50 a night a block away from the Capitol — was close to market rate.

A copy of Pruitt’s lease was published Thursday by The Washington Post. “Steve” is clearly seen scratched out on the lease to be replaced by “Vicki” Hart.

Whether or not Pruitt's landlord was Steven Hart or Vicki Hart is significant because Vicki Hart is a health care lobbyist while Steven Hart is a lobbyists for the fossil fuel industry. Steven Hart represents clients who are currently suing the EPA.

  • muselet

    Five years ago, if this story were the plot of a movie, we’d all have walked out, disgusted that anyone thought this was a believable chain of events. Some of us might have chucked overripe produce at the screen in protest.

    How times have changed.


  • gescove

    It boggles the mind. If these Trump mooks genuinely want to destroy what’s preciously being called “the administrative state” (something the rest of us call a functioning government) they should keep their heads down and their noses clean. Jeebus, what a gaggle of morans.

    • I would agree with you except for the fact they are getting away with it.

      • gescove

        Oh, I know. I was simply trembling to think what could happen if they got their sh*t together.

        • Margarita

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