Scott Pruitt is Comically Corrupt, Continued

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

The New York Times reports that Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Scott Pruitt sought to redesign the agency's challenge coin, which is a traditional souvenir that denotes affiliation with the agency, by removing the agency's logo and putting his own mark on it.

Not many people including myself are going to care about that, but that's not all.

Pruitt also reportedly wanted to remake the whole agency in his image.

Another person who was involved in the debate said that Mr. Pruitt had expressed disapproval of the agency’s seal, a round flower with four leaves. He felt it looked like a marijuana leaf.

Mr. Pruitt also requested that the agency order other items — including leather-bound notebooks, fountain pens and stationery — from which he wanted to omit the E.P.A. seal and upon which he wanted to feature his name prominently, according to Mr. Slotkin and the person who participated in the discussions about the seal. Ultimately, the items retained a small version of the seal, according to several people familiar with the orders.

Don't get me wrong; the Environmental Protection Agency is one of the most important federal agencies we have, but Pruitt appears to believe he has been appointed as the king of a wealthy city-state. It's as if he believes the EPA is a palace that he rules over. He hires a small army of private security guards, takes luxurious trips, and seeks to put his name on everything like its a new dollar bill.

Pruitt is not the sultan.

Meanwhile, emails obtained by Greenpeace show that career EPA officials were concerned that Pruitt was lying his ass off when he announced that he would roll back the Obama administration's fuel efficiency standards.

The emails obtained by Greenpeace’s Unearthed investigations team shed additional light on Pruitt’s reliance on information provided by a small group of advisers, conservative groups, and industry while sidelining staff expertise at the EPA. The emails, also reported by Politico Pro, show career staff who were eager to correct inaccurate talking points surrounding his rollback of the EPA’s fuel economy standards. Since the emails were circulated among career staff, it is not clear if Pruitt and his team of political appointees were made directly aware of these concerns.

States challenging Pruitt's decision in court might be interested in this information.

  • Draxiar

    If he’s basically going to rename the EPA to Pruitt and Associates I think we should collectively rename him Scott Fuckitt.

  • Nefercat

    “He hires a small army of private security guards”
    Does it seem to anyone that Pruitt’s supposed security concerns are extreme to the point of being pathological? Because it seems that we taxpayers are on the hook for all his paranoid indulgences.

  • Georgie
  • muselet

    Scott Pruitt isn’t just an paranoid, conniving weasel, he’s an egomaniacal, paranoid, conniving weasel.

    Good to know.

    Is it 2020 yet?


  • Badgerite

    Jesus. The original swamp thing.
    I wonder how the left wing feels about the TPP and all of their BS about trade agreements being the death knell of manufacturing in this country now that trump has reneged on that pledge as on just about all others except the alleged wall ( see old see-though fencing, so you can see the flying bags of drugs and they don’t hit you on the head as you are nearby). The tariffs aren’t going to last either. Our economy relies on international trade. To ignore this fact will cause a recession. The idea that any of these measures would bring back manufacturing or spur the economy was always ludicrous. Manufacturing went abroad for the cheap labor. That was going to happen regardless of any trade agreements. The trade agreements probably meant that the losses in one sector were offset by gains in another. Take away those gains and the overall economy suffers.