Scott Pruitt is Comically Corrupt, Continued

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

We already know Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Scott Pruitt has booked expensive flights using taxpayer money, but here's something we didn't know: we also insisted on booking luxury hotel rooms.

Moreover, Pruitt has said his travel expenses are necessary for security reasons, but he has insisted on staying at hotels with -- get this -- less security.

The new allegations are detailed in a scathing six-page letter signed by two senators and three House lawmakers — all Democrats — whose staff members met this week with Kevin Chmielewski, who served as the E.P.A.’s deputy chief of staff until he was removed from his post after raising objections to this and other spending. [...]

When planning a trip to Italy, Mr. Pruitt “refused to stay at hotels recommended by the U.S. Embassy, although the recommended hotel had law enforcement and other U.S. resources on site,” according to the letter, which was written and sent to Mr. Pruitt, asking him to turn over documents related to the letter’s claims. Instead, Mr. Pruitt chose to stay “at more expensive hotels with fewer standard security resources,” while bringing along his own security team “at taxpayer expense.”

The letter prepared for congressional investigators also says Pruitt has insisted on booking all of his flights with Delta Airlines, even if it's more expensive, because it would give him more frequent flier miles.


Meanwhile, we now know why Pruitt's lobbyist landlords weren't necessarily happy with him and it's not just because he didn't pay them.

From The Daily Beast:

Pruitt was described by numerous sources as a disastrous tenant, with one comparing him to Owen Wilson’s character in You, Me and Dupree. According to three people familiar with events, Pruitt would not take out the trash during his time staying at the townhouse believing that a cleaning service would do it for him. There was no cleaning service that came with the apartment, however. And the garbage bags piled up to the point that Vicki Hart was forced to tell him to put them in the canister and to take that canister out to the street the next time he left the building.

“Tenant from hell,” said one source.

So, he's a cheapskate and a disgusting slob.

  • muselet

    You know, I wouldn’t mind Scott Pruitt’s grifting quite as much (emphasis on “quite as much”) if he did it with a little bit of style, that there were some indication that he’d put thought into it.

    Only a fool thinks he can win at Three-Card Monte or the shell game; the only reason to stop even for a moment is if the penny-ante crook at the table has a memorable line of patter or a flair for the dramatic. We don’t go to a magic show because the performer can vanish an elephant—okay, we do, but it’s not the only reason—we go because the performer knows that stage magic is a performance.

    Pruitt is just a grasping lowlife, very much like his boss.


  • ninjaf

    If this guy didn’t have a billion dollars in his bank account, Republicans would call him a deadbeat loser.

    • muselet

      Yes, but only if he also didn’t have that magical R after his name.


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