Scott Pruitt Was Very Worried About Poisoning Himself, But Not You

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

This is a chef's fingers quality illustration of rich conservative behavior.

Politico reports that former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Scott Pruitt was so worried that a desk he wanted to purchase for his office may expose him to formaldehyde, he had his staff look into the matter.

And this is my favorite part: he only knew about the possible threat because of California's Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act.

After seeing the warning, acting deputy chief of staff Reginald Allen reached out to Wendy Cleland-Hamnett, the career official then serving as acting head of EPA's toxic chemicals office, according to emails released to the group American Oversight under the Freedom of Information Act and shared with POLITICO.

"Sorry to bother you with this but we need some help. The desk the Administrator wants for his office from Amazon has a California Proposition 65 warning. What I am asking is can someone in your area tell us whether it is OK to get this desk for the Administrator related to the warning?" Allen wrote April 7 to Cleland-Hamnett and another career official in the office, referring to a California state chemicals law.

Now, just a few months after Pruitt had his staff assess the level of physical danger the formaldehyde desk may pose to him, he had his staff bury an agency assessment that said exposure to formaldehyde can be linked to various forms of cancer. That public health assessment was never released to the public.

You know, you won't find any rich conservatives living in poisonous dumps. You won't find them "rolling coal." You won't find them eating, breathing, or exposing themselves to things we know to be physically harmful. Look up any conservative socialite on Instagram and you'll find them eating arugula and enjoying spa treatments. They relax on pristine beaches that are cleaned every morning, probably by immigrant workers. They're more worried about exposing their perfect children to the chemicals in plastic containers than most working class liberals probably are.

Exposure is for the little people and it's not the government's place to protect the little people from exposure. That's their real philosophy.

  • Considering Putin’s fondness for poisoning, I can’t help but wonder if Pruitt’s fears are, shall we say, entirely justified?

  • Badgerite

    I think people like Pruit should be denied service based on a new religion that finds blatant hypocrisy and lying to be a sin worse than any other and to allow him service is to participate in his sin. Oh wait. There is such a religion.
    It is called Christianity.

  • Ceoltoir

    I got mine, fuck you! The actual republican slogan.

  • muselet

    The sad thing is that I can’t bring myself to be outraged by this story. Scott Pruitt is a colossal hypocrite who cared about his own health but not about the health of pretty much anyone else, but that hardly comes as a shock. That accurately describes most of the Right wing.

    It doesn’t feel good to be numb to the antics of grasping little men like Pruitt.


  • Aynwrong

    Or, as your favorite Paul Ryan picture states: More money for us. Fuck you!

    This is what made me the partisan that I am. The nature of the other side. This is also why I can’t stand certain ideologues on the left who refuse to acknowledge this by hiding behind false equivalencies. “Hillary gave paid Goldman Sachs speeches!” That’s adorable. Now tell me what’s actually going to happen once a fucken Republican makes into the White House with a House and Senate utterly devoted to NOT carrying out their Constitutionally mandated obligations or turning itself into a GOP/Keep The Donors Happy rubber stamp.

  • Everything about American conservatives is literally the opposite of the Golden Rule. Their Jesus bears no relation to the one I was taught about. Effing hypocrites.