Election 2018

Scott Walker is Gone

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

More than perhaps anything else, I wanted to see Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker go down last night.

Fortunately, I got my wish.

In his victory speech, democratic challenger Tony Evers pledged to focus on restoring sanity to the state of Wisconsin.

"My name is Tony Evers and I’m going to be the next governor of the state of Wisconsin," Evers told a raucous crowd of supporters at The Orpheum theater in Madison. "I’ll be focused on solving problem and not picking political fights. It’s time for change, folks. The voters have spoke. A change is coming, Wisconsin!" [...]

At the Evers' victory party in Madison, Joe Britt, 59, a Republican for 40 years even spending part of his career crafting policy for Republican politicians, said he had finally had enough.

Sitting in one of the theater seats alone, checking Twitter on his phone for updates on Wisconsin's key races, Britt said Walker "has governed like a proto-Trump — for his donors first, for his supporters second and for the rest of the state hardly at all."

It would be easy to sit here and say Walker lost because of his disastrous deal with Foxconn, but Walker had other problems and Foxconn may not have even been the biggest one.

Take Tony Evers for example. It's not a coincidence that the superintendent of Wisconsin's public schools rose up to challenge a man who has devastated education in Wisconsin. Walker presided over the gutting of the state's university and lower education systems.

Just the same, Walker has led an assault on the state's Medicaid program and just days before the election he finally won approval to implement new restrictions and requirements for access to Medicaid.

Rather than say Walker lost because of this issue or that, I'm sure it was a combination of all of the above and more.

Walker has not conceded defeat yet, but Tony Evers' current margin of victory (1.2 percent) is slightly above the threshold (1 percent) that would allow Walker to ask for a recount.

Ironically, Walker signed the law that prohibits recounts for margins above 1 percent.

  • Badgerite

    That statement by Joe Britt is exactly right. Two words for Walker. Good riddance.
    Dems also picked up Secretary of State and the State Attorney General. Josh Kaul, graduate of Yale law.
    Also our first ever black Lieutenant Governor of the State, Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes.
    It was a good night here in Badger Land.

  • Username1016

    Remember when the Democratic state senators had to leave the state to deny him quorum for some union-busting fuckery? I donated to the Dems’ fund way back then — in the early 2000’s, wasn’t it? Been rooting for his downfall ever since. Happy, happy day.

    • JMAshby

      I know it feels like it’s been longer, but that was 2011.

      • Username1016

        That’s so weird. I have a distinct memory of the desk I was sitting at as I made that donation, and it was at a company I worked for from 2001 to 2003. But I googled it and of course you are right! I must have been sitting at a different desk, two companies later.

  • muselet

    Scott Walker is a terrible human being who governed Wisconsin terribly. He richly deserved to lose.

    The pity is he won’t have to find a real job. Instead, he’ll go on to his next career, affixing his name to smug, tendentious white papers for a second-tier Righty think tank.

    Congratulations, Tony Evers and congratulations, Wisconsinites.


  • simpfan

    For all of us who were at the massive protests in and around the state capitol back in 2011, today is a good day.

  • katanahamon

    Beautiful. Hopefully we can continue this progress in years to come. Rump’s press conference is going utterly batshit. He should really be attacked, called out and brought down a peg, but somehow keeps getting away with lying like a rug.