Sea Levels Rising at an Alarming Speed

Another bit of alarming climate news that most Americans will totally ignore:

The global sea level is rising 60 percent faster than previous reports issued by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), according to a new analysis of actual observed sea-level rise data recorded, performed by researchers in the U.S. (Maine), Germany and France.

Specifically, the new study, published late Tuesday in the journal Environmental Research Letters and online at IOP Science, finds that while “global temperature continues to increase in good agreement with the best estimates of the IPCC…The rate of sea-level rise of the past few decades, on the other hand, is greater than projected by the IPCC models.”

We'll just move away from the coastal areas or build walls to block the water because it's a lot easier than making an effort to produce less carbon.


  • agrazingmoose

    There is a bill in Congress that ends the insurance subsidy for living in coastal regions that I fully support. Maybe that will get these idiots to pay attention.

  • bphoon

    The rate of sea-level rise of the past few decades, on the other hand, is greater than projected by the IPCC models.

    Seems to me this may be because nobody realized until recently how rapidly the Greenland ice cap is melting. Since it’s melting from the bottom up, I’ve read that climate scientists didn’t have a good handle on the volume of water that’s adding to sea levels.

    • Speaking of, I’ve been trying to get a map of projected sea levels hundreds of years into the future. Still haven’t found a decent one.

  • To be honest, we’re not very smart when it comes to building in coastal areas to begin with. When it comes to mansions built on barrier islands, climate change is only hastening the inevitable.

  • I believe the term you meant is ‘carbon dioxide’, rather than ‘carbon’.

    One is solid and the other is a gas. They are different things.

    • gescove

      Carbon is just shorthand for the range of greenhouse gas emissions usually associated with human activity. This would include carbon dioxide and methane. More generally, one’s carbon footprint would include things like the production and burning of fossil fuels, or reducing carbon sequestration by deforestation.

  • Draxiar

    I think the efforts to address climate change will be generational. Right now we’re in the loosening clutches of fossil fuels…still. That said, Alternative Renewable Green Technolgies are gaining traction…especially in Europe (this just in: Spain just expanded their wave powered electrical plant) where people are infinitely more sophisticated and open on energy technology (and really are kicking ass in that area…Germany). Besides, the Koch’s can’t live forever!


    Kids are growing up hearing about climate change and may not know exactly what it is but are exposed to it at an earlier age. They see wind turbines spinning in the distance and electric cars passing them on the highway. They will be part of that technological revolution.

    It’s my hope that as with what happened with smoking (which having once been a smoker I resented not being able to smoke in bars…dammit), fossil fuels will become a shunned pariah because the younger generations will see them as such…hopefully.

    I don’t know if it will reverse the damage already done in enough time but as I’ve stated before, I’m a hopeful man.

    Side Note: Living in Massachusetts it’s a distressing thing to to have gone through a winter drought with little to no snow at all. Dammit, I like my snow, lots of snow, and I hope this year makes up for the apathy of last year!

    • D_C_Wilson

      The Kochs have the resources to haunt us for generations to come, even if it’s as brains in a jar.