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Secret Border Control Agent Steve King Can’t Say Where President Obama Was Born


Secret border control agent, Iowa congressman, and “man trying to forget what he buried in that cornfield” Steve King (R) says President Obama doesn’t appreciate the Star Spangled Banner the way you and I do because he may not be from around these parts.

“His vision of America isn’t like our vision of America. That we know,” King said about Obama at an immigration rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa, according to Buzzfeed.

Now I don’t assert where he was born, I will just tell you that we are all certain that he was not raised with an American experience,” King continued. “So these things that beat in our hearts when we hear the National Anthem and when we say the Pledge of Allegiance doesn’t beat the same for him.

It makes sense that someone who doesn’t appreciate the national anthem or pledge of alliance would volunteer to lead an ungrateful nation, doesn’t it? Maybe his apparent love for his country is actually part of a delicate ruse. Maybe his willingness to compromise and work to improve the lives of those who voted against him and hate him is only a stepping stone toward usurping all power.

Maybe his willingness to endure unprecedented obstruction, racism, unrelenting conspiracy theories, and a self-interested, bumbling press corps every single day is his own way of demonstrating that he doesn’t appreciate his position as commander in chief.

If he’s willing to suffer the likes of Steve King on his way toward destroying the nation he’s clearly more patient than I am. If I was an all-scheming tyrant I probably would have disappeared him by now or, at the very least, taped a kick-me sign to his back.

  • bphoon

    So, this would mean any naturalized citizen just doesn’t understand the National Anthem the way us “real” Amuricans do? Like, maybe, Heinz (er, Henry) Kissinger? Arnold Schwarzenegger? Maybe Dinesh D’Souza? Perhaps the parents of Piyush Jindal?

    Jeez, gimme a break!

  • Mike_Norris

    I am so tired of these ignorant, bigoted rubes. Sometimes I feel shame for my country….

  • Zen Diesel

    Doesn’t this fool realize that Obama isn’t running for office anymore, sheez what maroon!!!

  • 1933john

    One has to understand
    that Iowa is well over
    ninety percent White
    Folk, many with square
    Also, there’s little demand
    for servants and the corn
    picking is mechanized.

  • Scopedog

    Will some just PLEASE kick this fool in the jimmy? Either to shut him up or knock common sense into him?

  • essar1

    Next to Louis Gohmert, there’s few congress folks who deserve a punch in the yamsack more than Steve King. Him and others in the GOP have really disgraced the office, the very idea of public service, and what it means to be an American.

  • Nefercat

    ““His vision of America isn’t like our vision of America. That we know,” King said.”
    Thank goodness.

  • Redhand

    What an utter scumbag Steve King is. It’s simply appalling that a Yahoo like this is a member of Congress.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Even more appalling, there’s lots more like him.

  • muselet

    “If you remember when he was a candidate for president he was standing at the front of a row of Democrat candidates for president down at Tom Harkin’s steak fry. The rest of them, when they played the National Anthem, had their hand over their heart. But Barack Obama was standing with arms down his side dangling — while the National Anthem was being played,” King said. “Now, what was that about, was it an act of defiance? I didn’t think so. Some thought so.”

    “Oh, no, i’m not saying Barack Obama is a KenyanMarxistIslamofascistAtheist, but others are.

    Behind Steve King’s tiny, frightened eyes lies the mind of a ratfucker.

    In case you’d forgotten about that particular nontroversy (I had):

    “I was taught by my grandfather that you put your hand over your heart during the pledge, but during the Star Spangled Banner, you sing!”


  • i_a_c

    He doesn’t assert where the president was born? Why not? He could assert that the president was born in Hawaii, but he chose not to for some reason.

    • Nefercat

      “he chose not to for some reason”
      Which would be that he is a bigoted pinhead. Also a beady-eyed moron.