Secret Border Control Agent Steve King is Also a Secret Latino

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Iowa congressman, man who can't forget what he buried in that cornfield, and secret border control agent Steve King is also a secret "Hispanic and Latino" according to him.

I call on all Democrats to start a whisper campaign to support Steve King as Donald Trump's vice presidential running mate.

  • muselet

    Steve King is being a wanker:

    The tweet was in reply to one from @ImmigrantNacion, a pro-immigration reform account, that showed a split-screen photo with Castro and text that said: “Julian Castro on MSNBC: The GOP can kiss the Latino vote goodbye.”

    @ImmigrantNacion then tweeted, “@SteveKingIA #Immigrants message to politicians: We need #CIR & #WeAreREady2show our power in 2016 #TNTVote #AINF.” (#CIR refers to comprehensive immigration reform.)

    Castro has been floated by Hispanic groups as a possible running mate for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. King may have been alluding to reports that Castro doesn’t speak much Spanish, but his office did not respond immediately to a request for clarification. Castro was born in San Antonio, Texas.

    What a terribly strange man.


  • GrafZeppelin127

    Something tells me this is about Castro — i.e., King is claiming that Castro is not actually Hispanic/Latino — but then again King is a lunatic, so we’ll have to wait for his, umm, explanation.

    • JMAshby

      That’s clearly the implication. He’s suggesting Castro is a fake.