Security Clearance

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Lalo Alcaraz)

In other news, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon says the GOP's tax cuts increased their profit by $3.7 billion last year, so that's good for them.

Meanwhile, China has opened a new border crossing for tourism and trade with North Korea, because Trump's sanctions are a joke at this point.

Finally, the New Zealand government's top privacy official has some strong words for Facebook.

Calling the tech giant “morally bankrupt pathological liars,” John Edwards said on Twitter on Sunday night that Facebook “cannot be trusted.”

The social media platform “enable[d] genocide” in Myanmar, Edwards tweeted, referring to Facebook’s role in inciting violence and promoting discrimination in the Southeast Asian nation, aimed particularly at the minority Rohingya people.

Facebook also facilitates “foreign undermining of democratic institutions,” and allows the livestreaming “of suicides, rapes, and murders,” Edwards continued, according to the New Zealand Herald.

I don't see any lies here.

We're just four days away from the Brexit.

  • Christopher Foxx

    In other news, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon says the GOP’s tax cuts increased their profit by $3.7 billion last year, so that’s good for them.

    How do you save 3.7 billion in taxes when your annual loop-holing thru the tax laws means to end up paying practically nothing in tax anyway?

  • Badgerite

    Looks like Zuckerberg “broke” a few things. Again.

  • muselet

    “All the things we create—whether you have a big audience or whether you’re just making stuff for the folks close to you—sure, maybe those things you make will be forgotten, or maybe the things that you create will get laid down as someone’s longterm memory and affect them a lot later in their life.

    “So, make nice things. Try to give people something they’ll be nostalgic about, not something they’ll flash back to. You never know what impressions you might be making for the future.” –Tom Scott


    • KanaW

      That was lovely. Thanks, I needed something nice (I’m in the UK).

  • muselet


    • Georgie

      This was very informative, thanks for sharing.

  • katanahamon

    Remember the terrible crisis brought on by the president wearing tan pants? Gee..if only.

    I’m just exhausted by all this. The Mueller report has all but disappeared, Rump’s taxes seem as far away or farther, Rump is looking more unstable all the time, and media coverage seems as dopey as ever. Present company excluded. Can I just say I think Bernie is a dope? Suggesting that people in prison be allowed to vote might be something you pursue after being elected, but not before. He also looks like he’s about two blood pressure points away from a stroke. So, we are just allowing the president to act crazy and senile and we will just pretend everything is ok…? Yikes…