Senator Barack Obama

Seek & Destroy

The Republicans might have acquired another taxidermied head to mount on their wall.

Rumors are flying that Andrew Sullivan might have been fired from the Atlantic. Possibly because of his anti-Palin reporting. His blog hasn't been updated since Sunday and the only post from Monday is a robo-posted 'View From Your Window' photograph.

So let me get this straight... If this is the case and Sullivan was fired, we can only assume that the Republicans can choose anyone for their presidential ticket from now on without revealing the candidate's details to the American people. And if reporters or bloggers engage their first amendment rights and attempt to uncover those details (fueled by the fact that the information is being tightly withheld and obfuscated) the Republicans will use their influence over the "liberal media" to have those people fired or replaced -- and they'll be successful doing so because the "liberal media" will acquiesce to every cry-baby tantrum.

Meanwhile, for 20 months the corporate press and far-right blogs have grilled Senator Obama and his wife about issues that are wholly fabricated by a nefarious far-right whisper campaign e-mails. Every legitimate corporate press outlet has done at least one story about lapel pins, religion, the National Anthem, Obama's childhood school, Michelle's patriotism -- you name it. I mean, Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos questioned Senator Obama about this stuff for nearly an hour in a televised presidential debate. At last check, they're both still employed and Gibson will be moderating another debate this fall.

If this is the case and heads are rolling, we have a serious crisis in the works here.

UPDATE: Rob from the comments:

Marc Ambinder reports this morning:

Lots of e-mails asking about Andrew's whereabouts. I checked in with him; he's fine. He's taking a few days off. Worry not, fans.

He usually has someone fill in when he's off. Weird.