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Sen. Rand Paul’s Disturbing Fantasy

Senator Rand Paul retweeted this frightening image the other day from the collective mind of functioning imbeciles and human/hyena hybrids everywhere:

Look at em’ there, two kindred spirits probably discussing how they can both do their part for America by making women and minorities come to appreciate voter suppression, criminalizing abortion and the corporate theft of the treasury.

I suppose they both agree that Old America’s President Obama was a racist who hated white people and freedom, but I imagine this fake future image was captured just as President Rand Paul announces the carpet bombing of liberal strongholds in New America Supreme, via sarcastic tweet, of course.

Heil to the Chief.

  • aynwrong

    So Rand Paul intends to run for the White House AFTER so willingly (and in a completely unprovoked manner) associating himself with Glenn Beck.
    Please proceed Senator.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Look at them? Not without bleaching my eyeballs afterwards.

  • Ashes Defacto

    A poorly done photoshopped pic is as close as Rand Paul is ever going to get. He would need to get through the primaries then a general election without coming across as a total loon anywhere in the process. Something he cannot seem to do for longer than a few minutes on a good day. Then there’s the aspect that in his case the skeletons in the closet have skeletons. He might have been able to sweep these under the rug in Kentucky but in a national election it’s all going to come out.

  • In the Star Trek: Next Generation episode “Ship in a Bottle”, the sentient holographic Moriarty* is [WARNING!!!! SPOILER!!!! (on a 20 year old episode of a tv show)!!!!] tricked into thinking he’s left the holodeck and been given his own ship by which to travel the universe.

    Someone needs to get on holo-tech MUY PRONTO, is all I’m saying.

    * please to be noting, I am not equating (Melon)Rind Paul with the towering intellect of Moariarty, who was created as a foe ‘who can outwit Data”.

  • muselet

    The sum of the IQs of everything in that photo roughly 100, an estimate that includes the smart ones (the plants in the background). If ever there were two people who should simply go away, it’s Rand “I’m A Libertarian Except When It Comes To Ladybits” Paul and Glenn “Rodeo Clown” Beck.