Senate Republicans Vote to Kill Medicare

Harry Reid held a test vote on Paul Ryan's budget plan including the part about killing Medicare as we know it and, of course, it failed by a margin of 57-40. All of the Republicans except the following several voted for the Ryan plan.

Voting with all of the Democrats against debating the plan were Sens. Scott Brown (R-MA), Olympia Snowe (R-ME) -- both 2012 incumbents -- along with Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK). Rand Paul (R-KY) voted against it because it wasn't radical enough.

Ryan's been going around making the point that current seniors won't be effected and therefore the Democrats should stop demagoguing the plan. But you know what? We're all going to be senior citizens someday, and so we all have a stake in its future. And today's seniors know that if it's dismantled for future retirees, then today's retirees are next on the chopping block.

  • It amazes me Jeb Hensarling sent a letter out to his constituents saying he wouldn’t want his mother affected by the Ryan changes but it is a good plan.

  • mrbrink


    Yet another poorly conceived GOP Declaration Of Independence… from the United States Constitution.

    These fuckers are armed with pens and dangerous.

    While they are voting to demolish the Medicare safety net, they are voting to cut trillions of dollars more in taxes for the wealthy. It’s that simple. I’m almost embarrassed they’re not embarrassed how fucking bold and sickening the optics look. I mean, they’re selling this like they’ve got Grandma by the arm walking her down an alley to be robbed and beaten, but promising it’s for the best.

    They have all signed their names and have taken an oath, now– to promise to steal the safety net– with any chance they get– and in lock-step affirmation, they are vowing to throw the people who’ve suffered and continue to suffer the most from decades of GOP economics and deregulated market philosophy– to the Wallstreet Wolves.

    The Republican party have now physically and mentally seceded and they should be considered belligerent hostiles to America’s general welfare, democracy, and domestic tranquility.

    This is a Coup d’etats. An assassination attempt. It just looks different under the influence of corporate media.

  • dildenusa

    There are a few microcephalic morons beside the republican leadership in congress who think that Reverse Robin Hood Ryan’s plan is doable. Even if they just want a dialogue on the federal budget they are going about it the wrong way by shooting themselves in the foot.

  • Isn’t there a part in Ryan’s budget that will repeal the provisions in the ACA that specifically kill the donut hole which will absolutely affect the current Medicare recipients?

  • BuffaloBuckeye

    Not too surprising with the Ryan’s tiered approach. Profess to take care of current old folks, but stick it to younger generation(s). This is so Republican; I’ve got mine, rest of you can eff-off.

    Similar approach to their post 9-11 actions; the middle and lower classes will suffer these wars by sending their sons and daughters into combat, while the upper class will suffer through another tax cut. Shared sacrifice, baby!

  • Affected, not effected.

    The teabaggers were so happy to hand Teddy Kennedy’s seat to someone they considered one of them. Hope this one unnecessary vote for sanity (and in MA probably political survival) stings like a bastard.

    Rand Paul is stunningly ignorant. Just plain stupid.

    And now they have to wear it. Every last one of those party line toeing assholes are on the record as favouring the death of Medicare. Not just refraining from criticizing Ryan’s backward, vicious, ridiculous bit of shite in public, but supporting it. This will not wash off.

    Tied to the whipping post. Good on ’em.