Send Harry Reid Information About Low-T

This guy's utter lack of testosterone is outstandingly aggravating. How much more of this can we endure?

During a tele-townhall with constituents today, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he supports a public option...but then he added an extremely important caveat. Reid said he doesn't think the public option ought to be a government run program like Medicare, but instead favors a "private entity that has direction from the federal government so people that don't fall within the parameters of being able to get insurance from their employers, they would have a place to go."

In short: co-ops. Harry Reid likes co-ops. Even though nearly 80 percent of Americans support the public option (or as commenter ShellyBee has dubbed it: The Healthy Patriots Initiative).

At this point, maybe the best thing we can do is to facilitate some medical intervention here. Let's send Harry Reid some important information about being treated for low testosterone. Email his office with links to this article from ABC News about "male menopause." Maybe, just maybe he'll seek treatment prior to healthcare reform reaching the floor of the Senate. Fingers crossed!

UPDATE: The equivocation of an indecisive, weak half-leader:

Late update: Reid spokesman Jim Manley emails in that Reid's preference is for a "public option," but would not confirm that Reid means "public option" as commonly understood: an insurance program run by the Department of Health and Human Services or another government body.

Late late update: Manley adds, "The govt could contract w a private company to administer the public option. [Sen. Reid] is willing to consider a co-op if he is shown it works to make insurers honest."

Or how about if the government sanctioned a variety of health insurance policies operated by major corporations that would set their own standards, premiums and coverage independent from government control. In other words, exactly what we have now!

80 percent support for a government-run public health insurance option, Senator! 80 percent!

Adding... Oh the irony of Reid's communications director being named "Manley."