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Serial Liar Peter Schweizer Wants Another Shot at George Stephanopoulos

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Peter Schweizer, the author of the error-ridden book Clinton Cash, wants another shot at ABC's George Stephanopoulos.

"Let's do another interview on the Sunday morning show to talk about the contents of the book," Schweizer said on Thursday while appearing on Sean Hannity's radio show. [...]

"Going into that interview, I kind of assumed that the relationship with the Clintons was in the past, that he had made this transition into the media and it was a different chapter in his life," Schweizer said.

"How you can expect to be objective is really highly questionable in that kind of environment?" he added.

As if the disclosure of Stephanopoulos's donation to a public health charity would change the fact that Schweizer's book is an officially-corrected shitheap.

As Schweizer himself points out, Stephanopoulos served in the first Clinton administration but, apparently, his donation to a charity that combats HIV/AIDS and Malaria in developing countries is more problematic than his previous service.

I doubt Schweizer actually believes that knowledge of the donation would change anything, but it's a sexy talking point to spout on Sean Hannity's radio show.

It clearly isn't Schweizer's fault that his book is a laughing stock. The Liberal Media(!) is out to get him.

  • muselet

    Peter Schweizer is trying to create a giant cloud of smoke behind which he can hide (if you’re a fan of Charlie Pierce, feel free to substitute squid ink for smoke).

    If George Stephanopoulos behaves like a journalist this time, Schweizer can claim Stephanopoulos is a partisan hack; if Stephanopoulos supines himself, Schweizer can claim he faced down one cog in The Clinton Machine.

    It’s all so tiresomely familiar.


  • fry1laurie

    “What I really want is more free publicity for the piece of sht I wrote, and hoping that Georgie Peorgie is so cowered by his giving money to the Clinton Foundation that he bites and gives me the free pub that I want.”