Election 2012

Shocking Voter Turnout, Or A Lack Thereof

A quick note about the Maine Republican caucus.

Maine is home to just over 250,000 registered Republicans, and approximately 5,500 turned out yesterday to vote for Romney, Paul, Santorum or Gingrich. That's roughly 2 percent voter turnout.

Mitt Romney narrowly defeated Ron Paul by 194 total votes, and his total share of the vote was down by roughly 700 from 2008. Romney won the Maine caucus with 39 percent of the vote, down from 51 percent in 2008.

The Romney campaign is spinning this as a signal that his campaign is getting back on the right track, but I'm not sure if a razor-thin victory over Ron Paul and the fact that he lost 12 percent of the vote compared to 2008 is much to go on.

  • I don’t mean disrespect Bob, but I think this is less about Mitt/The GOP having a voter turnout problem at the Maine Caucus and more about the MAINE CAUCUS having a voter turnout problem.

    2012 Maine GOP Caucus: 5,500 turnout
    2008 Maine GOP Caucus: 5,300 turnout
    2008 Maine Democratic Caucus: 3,400 turnout

    One could claim that of the 320,000 registered democrats in 2008, Democrats got a pitfully low 1% voter turn0ut, with Obama getting a measly .006% vote of all registered democrats. Which was obviously a no good terrible horrible omen for Obama in the general election (Obama got 421k votes vs McCain’s 290k)

    ps. i agree the GOP does have worse voter turnout since 2008, it’s just that the Maine caucus isn’t really worth writing home about.


  • D_C_Wilson

    Is it just me, or does it seem like more states are holding caucuses instead of primaries this year? Was this is a conscious plan by the GOP to skew things in favor of only having true believers participate?

  • atlavely

    These are the same kinds of numbers that paraded Santorium to victory last week. Something like 300,000 votes in three states, over half in Missouri (IIRC). Clearly, there is more interest on the Intertubz than there is in RL.
    What’s going to happen come the general? Not to say we need not worry, but…

  • JackDaniel07

    5500 loud ass wingnuts on a comment section of yahoo or HuffPo can make our chances seem daunting this election year….but 5500 in a nationwide election are going to get embarrassed, again. A dime to a doughnut says they’ll still blame their shortcomings on us. The President, as much as his ‘opponents’ would like for us to believe otherwise, has not even scratched the surface of Campaign Mode yet. I hope he can and does motivate a nice 20 point drubbing for the GOP in November and some real change down the line in the Senate and Congress.