Shots Fired at Jade Helm Training Camp. Again.

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

I suspected incidents that occurred yesterday and over the weekend would not be the last cases of domestic terrorism we'll see before the Jade Helm training exercise is completed, but I did not suspect we would see another incident on the very next day in the same location.

HATTIESBURG, Miss. — Camp Shelby was in a heightened state of alert after authorities said a man matching the description of Tuesday's shooter fired shots near the military post again Wednesday.

Soldiers training at the Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center reported shots fired at around 8 a.m. CT in the vicinity of Peret Tower Road and Mississippi 29 in Perry County. It about 15 miles southeast of the post.


All of that "take our country back" rhetoric has consequences.

  • captkurt

    If it hasn’t happened already, I expect someone on the Right will claim liberals are behind these attacks, since they all know liberals ‘don’t support our troops.’

  • muselet

    Every conspiracy-mongering knucklehead on the radio (and on the internet and who use the transmissions the domestic terrorists hear through their fillings) owes a personal apology to every servicemember whose life has been put in danger because of them.

    I won’t hold my breath until such apologies are offered.


  • Ceoltoir

    Recall not so long ago, when even the mildest critique of American foreign policy or the conduct of the US military would get you screamed at for your failure to “support the troops”.

    • muselet

      Yeah, I wonder what might have happened to cause the change in attitude. Hmm. It is a puzzlement.


      • Toolymegapoopoo

        It really is a DARK mystery. The answer may be COLORED by so many opinions that it would be outright NIGGARDLY for me to reject them all. So I’m just going to go with BLACK PRESIDENT. Am I close?

        • muselet

          No, that can’t be it because those folks insist loud and long they’re not racist.

          Why would they lie about something like that?


  • Draxiar

    So now I wonder if the assholes that promoted the conspiracies surrounding Jade Helm could be cited for sedition.

    • Toolymegapoopoo

      Hmmm. Most of these assholes have proudly displayed the Confederate flag for decades. If they aren’t cited for that I doubt they’ll ever be cited for anything resembling sedition. Seriously, can anyone point to a region other than perhaps Northern Ireland where the vanquished rebellion is openly encouraged to fly their flag?