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Sick Lawmaker Wants to Inspect High School Athlete Genitals

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

The South Dakota High School Activities Association recently updated its policies to be inclusive of transgender students in sports programs that correspond with the gender they identify as.

In response, South Dakota legislator Roger Hunt (R) has introduced legislation to closely examine the student's genitals.

Republican South Dakota legislator Roger Hunt wants someone to look at transgender athletes' genitals before they can compete. He has proposed legislation that would require a visual inspection of each athlete's private areas and a check of their "original birth certificate" in response to a change in policy by a high school athletic group that allows students to decide for themselves what gender group they will compete in.

Beyond the obvious fact that this is a sick and twisted proposal and a blatant invasion of privacy by government, it also demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of transgender identity.

Genitalia is not a binary that strictly dictates the gender a transgender person identifies as nor should it be reduced to that. Not all transgender people undergo reassignment surgery nor should they be forced to just to conform to society's expectations of personal plumbing.

Furthermore, if we can agree that words have meaning, a transgender person's "original birth certificate" necessarily wouldn't reflect the gender they currently identify as.

But let's get back to how fucking sick Roger Hunt and his supportive colleagues are. The genitalia of minors and their presence in school locker rooms apparently keeps him up at night and his solution for the non-existent threat posed by transgender students is a proposal that should make even the faintest of libertarians squirm.

The bad news is the South Dakota High School Activities Association may reverse its decision during a meeting this week without any intervention by lawmakers.

It's possible the Association will not reverse its policy which would prompt a renewed push by lawmakers to closely examine the private parts of minor students, but this could become complicated very quickly because, as ThinkProgress points out, transgender students are protected by federal law.

The association’s board will take another look at the policy in its meeting next week, which is why some Republican lawmakers say advocates against the policy should wait until after the meeting to push Hunt’s legislation, the Rapid City Journal reports.

This legislation may go against federal law, however. Transgender students are also protected by Title IX in single-sex extracurricular activities, according to the U.S. Department of Education’s guidance, released in December of last year.

  • 1933john

    Mumble….mumble…against same sex..mumble…marriage
    ….mumble….and want to ….mumble…look at young dicks?

  • RHB

    I’m concerned by how much thought this man has put into the genitals of minors. Perhaps he should seek counseling.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Yet another example of the dozens I’ve encountered in just the last few days of how Republicans and their voters are always looking to solve problems they’ve only heard about on Fox News and talk radio, not that actually affect them personally or that they’ve experienced first-hand.

  • Christopher Jones

    I swear, this sounds like an infantile joke introduced by Roger Hunt’s snarky little brother, Mike.

  • Christopher Foxx

    Furthermore, if we can agree that words have meaning

    Well if you’re going to make unreasonable demands like that, JM, then there’s just no way you’ll ever be able to find common ground with Republicans.

  • muselet

    “This is South Dakota. We haven’t adopted the East Coast culture. We haven’t adopted the West Coast culture. We maintain our own culture,” Hunt told the Rapid City Journal.

    Everybody was happily straight, cis- and white before them damn’ coastal elites went sticking their noses into everyone’s business.

    “This definitely is a minority population we’re addressing,” Rep. Kris Langer, another Republican, said as an explanation for his reluctance to meddle in the association’s decision. “It’s such a small group to be legislating. No policy, or rescinding this, is the best.”

    Ah, hell, there ain’t many of ’em. Just shove ’em back into their closets or wherever.

    From the Journal link:

    The proposal from Rep. Roger Hunt, R-Brandon, would rely on official birth certificates and visual inspections for determining gender rather than allowing people to decide and declare their gender on their own.

    He said gender is determined at conception and the transgender debate is riding the gay marriage wave.

    I’d recommend Roger Hunt take an introductory Biology class, but somehow i doubt it would have any effect.

    These are seriously unlovely people.


    • Christopher Foxx

      This definitely is a minority population we’re addressing,” Rep. Kris Langer, another Republican, said as an explanation for his reluctance to meddle in the association’s decision. “It’s such a small group…

  • Badgerite

    What’s more, this would subject a lot of students to what would have to be considered a horrendous invasion of privacy. Lawsuits would inevitably abound. I imagine that at least one or two would get to the Supreme Court and one would certainly look forward to the Court having to consider whether high school students of varying ages and sensitivities should be subjected to what would amount to strip searches.
    I don’t think so.