The Media

Singing to the President

Yesterday on Hardball, Barnicle spent an entire segment debating whether or not a group of elementary school kids should have been singing a song about President Obama.

Pat Buchanan was on the show. Of course. Because you can't have a debate on MSNBC without the Nazi-apologist mastermind of the Southern Strategy. Buchanan's verdict -- and Barnicle kind of agreed with him -- was that public school kids shouldn't be forced to sing about the president because it sounds like indoctrination.


Here's an example of school kids singing about President Bush.

And coincidentally, I was watching a special on History Channel the other night called "Nixon: A Presidency Revealed" and was shocked to learn that when Nixon triumphantly returned from China, there was an event in the Rose Garden in which a high school glee club of some sort were singing directly to Nixon: "We love you Mr. President, oh yes we doooo. President Nixon weee love yooooou!"


Pat Buchanan, by the way, was a Nixon political adviser and speechwriter. Buchanan also accompanied Nixon on the China trip.