Voter Suppression

So Much For ‘Engaging’ with Minority Voters

The day after the RNC released its report detailing how the party ought to engage with minority voters, this happened:

Yesterday, the Arkansas Senate passed — on an entirely party-line vote — a so-called voter ID law requiring voters to show photo identification before they can cast a ballot. The same voter suppression measure already passed the state House with all but one of the votes for the bill coming from Republicans.

ThinkProgress reminds us:

A Wisconsin study found that only 0.00023 percent of votes are the product of such fraud. So voter ID laws disenfranchise a large chunk of voters — between 2 and 9 percent, according to different reports on their effect — in order to prevent a virtually non-existent form of voter fraud.

Yes, the Republican Party is reaching out to minorities — reaching out and snatching their ballots away.