Some Good News Out Of Legoland

Last year, as part of their new mini-figurine series, LEGO unveiled  Professor C. Bodin– “the first-ever female scientist in the company’s 81-year history.”

As toys go, LEGOS have been almost exclusively marketed to boys over the years, but as it turns out, the company’s idea of gender roles have been a bit antiquated, to say the least.

That’s not to say they never tried.

But when a father of two young boys discovered that his sons’ construction worker-themed LEGOS came equipped with a “Hey Babe!” sticker last year, he wrote the company and the company responded with a less-than-encouraging email back, and then a follow-up email that attempted to right the wrong.

After some backlash and some righteous citizen-lobbying, the company is set to introduce a new line of LEGOS that seeks to shatter some ‘plastic ceilings’ ready for release by August of this year, with more girl-friendly LEGOS ready to inspire the future of women in the workplace.

The Astronomer, the Paleontologist, and the Chemist.


And this is how the terrorists lose.

  • muselet

    I could gripe about Lego losing sight of its original purpose, which was undirected play—that 1981 advert was one of a series showing what boys and girls had made, none of which looked like they came from a playset—but that would be churlish.

    Instead, I’ll give the company two and a half cheers (“Hey Babe!”? Really?), to be increased to three if the number of female minifigures explands.


  • Ned F

    Interesting. So now the sunglass wearing, hey babe, lego man is a high value collectible on ebay. Gotta go dig out my son’s lego collection which we spent a small fortune over the years. I wish Lego offered a buy back recycle program, even the day care and preschools who I offered them to have more than they can use.

    • muselet

      Ask your local women’s shelter if they want your Legos. Kids whose lives have been disrupted need normalcy, and nothing says “normal” like Legos.