Election 2016

Some Republicans Are Running Anti-Trump Ads

The anti-Trump Republican group known as Free the Delegates is preparing to run anti-Trump television ads in several battleground states such as Virginia and Ohio.

The group's first ad calls on Trump to keep his word and drop out of the race.

"No. 1, I'm not a masochist, and if I was dropping in the polls where I saw I wasn't going to win, why would I continue?" Trump said in an October NBC interview featured in the ad. A graphic displaying political handicappers' predictions of a landslide Trump loss accompanies his remarks. The ad ends with a plea: "Resign the nomination. Let the RNC replace you so we can beat Hillary."

You may recall that Free the Delegates did not have an opportunity to dump Trump at the GOP convention. It remains an open question whether or not the group ever had enough votes to actually depose Trump as the party's nominee, but we'll never know because they weren't allowed to vote on it.

There is no possible replacement the RNC could select to "beat Hillary," and Trump is not going to drop out before his grift is done, but I appreciate the ad nonetheless.

  • waspuppet

    “There is no possible replacement the RNC could select to “beat Hillary,” …”

    I’m not so sure. If the RNC gave the nomination to someone else, Chuck Todd, Wolf Blitzer et al would have to consult their doctors regarding erections lasting longer than four hours. The responsibility! The country-firstness! It would be a nonstop RNC infomercial from no until Election Day.

  • muselet

    Interesting fantasy, but it’s not gonna happen.

    Donald Trump and the people he surrounds himself with will never admit he’s augering in. Trump’s supporters would never accept anyone else. And everybody even halfway-sane would refuse to answer the RNC’s calls.

    Sorry, Free the Delegates. You and the rest of the Republican Party are stuck with a tiny-fingered, thin-skinned narcissist as your candidate. Enjoy your controlled flight into terrain.


  • Georgie

    This whole GOP thing now..


  • Aynwrong

    Right around now, I’d say this is a fair representation of current emotional state of the Never Trump folks:

    I’m tempted to have a bit of a chuckle myself.

  • Yep, this will do nothing but enflame Trump supporters against the Republicans.


  • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

    Could you imagine the schplikas the GOP would have when the “party elite” nominated his replacement?

    • Aynwrong

      “Release the Kraken!!!!!…..”

      And somebody pick up some Cheetos and soda cuz this is gonna be goooood.