Sometimes-Senator Marco Rubio is Running for President Again

I'm not exactly going out on a limb here with this prediction, but it looks like Marco Rubio will run for president again 2020.

The on-again off-again senator who swore he was not running for reelection (then changed his mind just three months ago) was asked if he would commit to serving his full term if the people of Florida reelect him.

No one can make that commitment because you don’t know what the future’s gonna hold in your life personally or politically,” the Florida senator and failed Republican presidential candidate told CNN this week, suggesting he will consider another presidential run in 2020.

I recall the Tampa Bay Times profile of Rubio's career published earlier this year, the gist of which is that Rubio has only ever ran or been running for higher office.

Of course he's going to run for president again because that's all he knows. Rubio's been running for office for nearly 20 years. He has never stopped long enough to legislate a single word. Rubio's brief sponsorship of an immigration reform bill lasted only as long as it would take him to determine that he could not run for president on it.

He was right about that. The party nominated Donald Trump.

  • muselet

    Of course Marco Rubio will run for President in 2020. The problem is that there isn’t any other office he can run for after President, and he might actually have to *gasp shock horror* do the job.

    As ever, William Shakespeare had the measure of someone like Marco Rubio:

    O’ercome with pride, ambitious past all thinking, / Self-loving— (Coriolanus, Act 4, Scene 6)


    • Christopher Foxx

      The problem is that there isn’t any other office he can run for after President

      Of course there is. Any office other then President (assuming the person had served two terms).

      Granted, nobody tends to run for another office after being POTUS, but they certainly could if they truly wanted to continue to serve in public office.

      • muselet

        True, but Marco Rubio isn’t interested in serving in public office, his ambition is climbing the greasy pole, and there’s no elected office in the US higher than the presidency.

        On the bright side, maybe he’d resign after a couple of years to run for president of the NFL or something.


  • Username1016

    Him and Trump both — they’re not running for an office, they’re just running for a title. Like Miss America or something. So shallow and tiresome.