Sorry, Red States, Hope You Didn't Need This

Missouri, Tennessee and Alabama should probably start calling Eric Cantor's office right about now.

Cleaning up after Hurricane Irene could cost billions, but FEMA has less than $800 million in its coffers. So the Federal Emergency Management Agency is freezing aid money earmarked for states like Missouri, Tennessee and Alabama that were ravaged by floods and tornados earlier this year - to make sure they have enough to help with the immediate needs of states strafed by Irene.

  • Matthew Fitzgerald

    This seems to make sense. Some folks are never going to accept the idea that govt is of value to all of us. I wish we could get a bill forcing all future cuts be made with an effort to equalize payments sent to DC from the states to the benefits and spending returned to that state.

  • What was that about not wasting a crisis?

  • Camel54

    The problem is here in TN the people won’t recognize who specifically gets the blame. They’ll simply say this is another example of the government failing to adequately do anything. And since its FEMA’s failing, that makes it the president’s fault. Logic is not something in abundance in these parts.

    It’s like when we had our big TennCare battle. The people of TN hate socialized medicine and they blame Democrats for creating this program that’s nothing but a handout to ne’er-do-wells. However, Gov. Bredesen worked adamantly to find a solution that would fund the program and produce a more fiscally sound budget. The opposition basically stonewalled him so he had no choice but to cut the program back. So the socialized medicine haters skewered him for takin’ away their health care. The opposition blamed him for taking so many people off the TennCare program. The media here did the same thing. There was no hint of appropriate blame.

    And when the healthcare bill was being debated, we literally heard people making claims that Obama was going stuff socialized medicine down our throats and in another breath complain that their loved one might be losing their CoverTN (TennCare modified) because of the gubment sucks.

    A logical argument here TN is a snipe hunt.

    • D_C_Wilson

      And I’m sure Fox will be running headlines like “Obama cuts emergency aid to TN to help his homies in the NY hood”.