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Speaker of the Lizard House Paul Ryan Urges Members to Support the Textbook Racist

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan spoke to the Republican caucus during a private meeting this morning where he urged them to support 'textbook racist' Donald Trump.

Why should they support him? Because he may finally grant their hopes and dreams of repealing Obamacare and impoverishing millions of people.

Ryan “was consistent” at the private Wednesday meeting, said one GOP lawmaker who backs Trump. “He said Trump represents the best chance at passing our agenda.” [...]

“He reiterated that he had confidence that Trump would support the House GOP agenda after having conversations with him, and that he would continue to speak out when he believes it's necessary,” Strong said.

Ryan reportedly told members that he spoke out against Trump's attack on Judge Curiel because it was a distraction.

“Basically, [Ryan] said he did what he did so we could focus on our agenda in the House,” said a GOP leadership aide who attended the closed-door meeting of House Republicans in the basement of the Capitol.

This tells us quite a lot. It's nothing we didn't already know, but a very clear picture is emerging.

Speaker Ryan wouldn't give a damn what Trump says if it wasn't distracting from Ryan's agenda. Ryan spoke out against Trump yesterday because Trump drew attention away from Ryan's latest iteration of his Path to Poverty budget blueprint.

I don't believe Ryan actually disagrees with anything Trump has said, he only spoke out against Trump to reclaim the news cycle.

This cover of the NY Daily News hit newsstands this morning:


  • David Greenberg

    What is amazing is that Ryan has been able to get anyone to think he is a smart, intellectual policy wonk. Google Paul Krugman and Ryan. His programs are bullshit from start to finish and totally based on goofy, unsupported assumptions. On the other hand the gop has gotten millions of people to vote against their own interests for years, not to mention believing the media is liberal.

  • Georgie

    Shit, like Drumpf doesn’t have his own priorities and agenda? Paulie boy would get nothing from him and if his thinks he can, he is even more fucking stupid then I thought possible.

    • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

      Trump’s a pragmatist with whose main goal is to inflate his wealth, ego, and brand.

      He will happily reach out to Blue Shirts when it suits him. He will happily reach out to Red Shirts when it suits him. He will be populist when it suits him.

      But at the end of the day, Trump’s goals are to help Trump, not Ryan, not “the conservative cause.”

  • Aynwrong

    “Mexican” is not a race. So Trump couldn’t possibly be a racist. He’s only a bigot. But he can’t be a bigot because only libtards who hate conservatives can be real bigots.”

    This logic is brought to us by dumb ass comment section trolls and the robot creature known as Mark Halprin. Who couldn’t possibly be wrong now could he?

  • muselet

    “Vote for the racist so we can destroy the social safety net once and for all!”

    Yeah, there’s a rallying cry for the ages.


    • Victor the Crab

      And there are plenty of wingnuts out there who would wholeheartedly agree with that!

      • D_C_Wilson

        Many of whom will be shocked to learn that their Social Security checks are what’s on the chopping block.

        • Victor the Crab

          True. But, if that happens, they’ll just blame the Democrats. Particularly the “Muslim negro” and/or the “conniving bitch-witch”.