Speaker Ryan Plans to Destroy Medicaid and Medicare Under Trump

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

This isn't a surprise, but Speaker Paul Ryan has made it very clear what his goal will be if Donald Trump is elected president.

Ryan says he will use budget reconciliation -- a process that requires only a simple majority -- to jam through his Path to Poverty budget that he's been sitting on for nearly six years.

“This is our plan for 2017,” Ryan said, waving a copy of his “Better Way” policy agenda. “Much of this you can do through budget reconciliation.” He explained that key pieces are “fiscal in nature,” meaning they can be moved quickly through a budget maneuver that requires a simple majority in the Senate and House. “This is our game plan for 2017,” Ryan said again to the seemingly unconvinced press.

If Ryan has his way, Obamacare will be repealed. Medicaid expansion will be eliminated and Medicaid itself will be converted into a block-grant system. Medicare will be converted into a privatized coupon system that forces seniors to purchase private insurance plans. Taxes will be cut for the richest of rich Americans. Social assistance programs like food stamps will be cut to the bone. And that's only the beginning.

Speaker Ryan wants to jam through every Randian, supply-side fantasy he has ever dreamed of and that's before they move on to codifying discrimination and banning abortion.

Anyone who thinks withstanding four years of Trump would be no big deal needs to remove their head from their ass and vote for Hillary Clinton and your local Democratic congressional candidates in November.

This is a good reminder that Paul Ryan does not care who Trump insults or offends and degrades. Ryan does not care what Trump says about women or immigrants or minorities. Ryan only cares if Trump will sign his budget into law.

  • “forces seniors to purchase private insurance plans” wait… like… OBAMACARE?

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, I suspect it’s way worse than that, but you have to admire the balls-out hypocrisy of the GOP.

  • Scopedog

    Anyone who thinks withstanding four years of Trump would be no big deal needs to remove their head from their ass and vote for Hillary Clinton and your local Democratic congressional candidates in November.

    Yep. As far as I’m concerned, if anyone gives me the “Jill not Hill!!” line or moans about how both parties are the same, I will consider them fucking idiots. The GOP mean to throw the country over the fence and give it the business and they will do that with Trump. They will. And we still have to contend with jerkoffs who continue to let purity run riot in their heads.

    Fuck ’em.

  • muselet

    Yet again I say, there’s a reason Charlie Pierce always refers to Paul Ryan as “the zombie-eyed granny starver from the state of Wisconsin.”

    I’d invite Ryan to spend a month or two in the immiserated circumstances his “Better Way” (in the afterlife, George Orwell hurls his G&T across the bar) would leave the less fortunate, but he would never learn the lesson.

    Where is a meteor when you really need one?


    • Badgerite

      Oh myyyyy. “Zombie-eyed granny starver from Wisconsin”. Excellent description.

  • fry1laurie

    Isn’t that the budget reconciliation process that was “illegitimate” when Democrats tried to use to for heath care reform?

    • waspuppet

      Yeah, and at the same time:

      “Medicare will be converted into a privatized coupon system that forces seniors to purchase private insurance plans”

      Remember when forcing people to buy private health insurance was the end of America and proof that Obama was a communist socialist Muslim jackbooted dictator? Because I sure as fk do.

      And people ask me why I can only discuss politics with barely concealed rage.

  • Aynwrong

    The list of things that Paul Ryan does not care about and thusly willing to tolerate would be added to daily in a Trump Administration, up to and including war. All in the name of doing away with an economy that functions because such an economy offends Ryan to his core. Venal doesn’t even begin.

    Just to point out, this really proves what many liberals have always understood about Trump. That for all the unique dangers his deranged personality would present, ideologically he would function as a typical Republican, because he’s too stupid to do otherwise. He would become George W. Bush to Ryan’s & McConnell’s Dick Cheney The idea that he was ever going to “protect” Medicare or Social Security was always a painfully obvious con. His opposition to “free trade” policies would fall away just as easily.

    Trump would deliver unto us George W. Bush’s third term. Make America Great Again my ass!!!

    • Badgerite

      Exactly right. There are “makers” in the world and even in the GOP, but Paul Ryan and The Trump Monster are not in that category. In terms of economic theory, Paul Ryan is living in the past with plans that have been proven (see Kansas or Louisiana, or Wall Street investment banking in 2008) to be a disaster. And trying to ram them through any way he can even if it means putting a clearly incompetent, unqualified, unfit Orange Walking Criminal Activity in the presidency because he knows that that is the only way he could slip this disasterous crap past the electorate. When it comes to a the hard work of democracy, that is capably and honestly defending what you want to do, he can’t manage it because what he wants to do is actually quite indefensible. Either he has no conscience at all or he lives, in his head, in one of those fantastical Ayn Rand novels which bear no relation whatsoever to the real world. Ayn Rand had, how shall we say, a vivid imagination. Her idea, in her novel Fountainhead, that Howard Roark’s speech about the evils of government assistance would be persuasive to a jury of American citizens, is, well, ridiculous. Of course, it isn’t persuasive. It is a load of crap. We have survived as a species, us humans, through thousands of years of collective effort and cooperation. We help each other. It is how we all survive and prosper. In America, we do so in a context where the individual and their freedom of thought and conscience, and to a certain extent their freedom of action, are valued. But we act as a society as well as acting as individuals. And this is how we achieve great things. And this is also how we avoid disasters. Paul Ryan does not wish to honestly consult the rest of us as to how benefits in society shall be apportioned. We are nothing but “takers”. And that loathsome thing they have at the top of their ticket is ,,,,,,,,well, in an Ayn Rand novel, the Trump Monster would be a villain. In real life, he is at the top of the GOP ticket for the presidency. So much for Ayn Rand and her grasp of reality.

  • Georgie

    paul ryan needs a full body enema.