JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Adam Zyglis)

In other news, General Vincent Brooks, the commander of American forces in South Korea, says there's no evidence that North Korea has done anything to shut down or even slow their nuclear weapons program.

Meanwhile, the court has approved special prosecutor Robert Mueller's immunity deal with 5 witnesses who will testify against Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort. Manafort's trial has been pushed back from July 25th to the 31st.

Finally, living Edgar suit and Trump's former top strategist Steve Bannon is reportedly moving to Europe so he can oversee the creation of a fascist movement.

I don't think Bannon understands that Euro fascists, the originals, are way ahead of him. They don't need his advice. He may need theirs.

  • Michael B. Conway

    “Edgar suit.” Bwah hah hah hah hah…

  • Badgerite

    What a surprise. Bannon is a Nazi. Just watching the Netflix show Hitler’s Circle of Evil. It is sort of a Team of Rivals meets Breaking Bad. Team of Monsters, as it were. Even Stephen King couldn’t make this stuff up.
    Very interesting way to see where Bannon is headed.

  • waspuppet

    Steve Bannon: The man who loved America so much he left it because it wasn’t America enough for him.

  • Ceoltoir

    Bannon is going to end up dead in a ditch somewhere because there are few things that people in Europe, even fascists, dislike more than an ugly American.

    • katanahamon

      Can we send a few more with him?

    • Victor the Crab

      And they don’t get more uglier than Steve Bannon, both in appearance as well as personality.