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In other news, the Columbus Dispatch is covering what Trump's trade war will mean for Ohio.

China is also the top market for soybeans, Ohio’s largest and most valuable crop. Ohio farmers sowed 5 million acres of soybeans last year and exported $1.8 billion worth of soybeans. The top destination was China, which bought more than $691 million worth of the crop from Ohio. China’s proposed 25 percent tariff on soybeans would be a big blow.

“China takes one out of every three rows (of soybeans),” said Bret Davis, a Delaware County farmer and member of the governing board of the American Soybean Association. “This tariff directly affects farmers. This will be a tough one to take.”

Meanwhile, the Des Moines Register is covering what it will mean for Iowa.

The hit to manufacturing will be compounded since much of Iowa production is tied to agriculture.

Farm equipment produced in Iowa includes John Deere tractors and sprayers, Vermeer balers and Kinze planters.

The state also is home to seed giant Pioneer, the Johnston-based company owned by DowDuPont's Corteva Agriscience.

"You're going to see hits across the board," including job losses, said Chad Hart, an ISU agriculture economist.

Finally, the Dallas Morning News is covering what it will mean for Texas cattle farmers.

Among the items included Wednesday on China's new list of proposed retaliatory tariffs are sorghum and beef. Those are cornerstones of Texas' agriculture industry, with the former being dependent on trade to China and the latter viewed as the next big export item to the country. [...]

"For the state of Texas, that would hit us the hardest," Texas Farm Bureau president Russell Boening said this week, pointing to the prospect of Chinese tariffs on beef and sorghum. [...]

Texas produces more sorghum than any state save for Kansas. And China accounts for more than 70 percent of U.S. sorghum exports.

Are we Great Again?

  • mnpollio

    I have to say that there is a part of me that thinks this serves them all right. Their willful ignorance and spite made them support Trump and continue supporting him despite his utter incompetence, contempt for other people, and being either a useful idiot to enemy foreign powers or an actual participant in plots to weaken our nation. If they ate up the whole “Make America Great Again!/Crooked Hillary” B.S., it was their own fault. Now comes the poison pill at the center that anyone with a jot of common sense could see coming from 10,000 miles away. So if he ends up hitting them square where it hurts with either his ineptitude or hatefulness, then my sympathy for these people is pretty weak.

  • Aynwrong

    This is what you want? This is what you get.

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