Michelle Malkin

Stalkin' Malkin

Michelle Malkin has laundered her Hamburglar-ish stalking regalia and is busily uncovering the hideous truth behind the little girl who asked President Obama a question at yesterday's town hall.

Shock horror! The girl's parents are supporters of the president and volunteered during the campaign!

AAAAAAH! Guilty! Plants! Plants! Propaganda!

Wait a second. Is that all? Volunteers?

Of course it's not shocking or surprising that volunteers and superfans of the president would make it into the event considering how tickets were made available online -- on sites that are frequented by supporters. A "plant" would, in fact, be someone who was coached and scripted. You know, like most of the stacked Bush town halls and photo-ops (where were the wingnut cries of "propaganda" back then?).

Furthermore, Malkin really knows how to pick her enemies. Sick people. Children. In other words: difficult, elusive prey. She's classy.