State Sanctioned Rape in Pennsylvania

Republicans are obsessed with inserting state-mandated medical probes into women's vaginas. Now in Pennsylvania:

In addition to mandating the much-maligned transvaginal ultrasound requirements since rejected by the state of Virginia, Pennsylvania legislators proposed strongly encouraging women to view and listen to the ultrasounds, forcing technicians to give the women personalized copies of the results and mandating how long before any abortion the ultrasound much be preformed — and that’s just for starters.

According to conservatives, taxing rich people an additional one percent every year and making sure you can afford health insurance are each examples of Big Government intruding on American freedom. So then what do you call it when the Republicans pass a law forcing doctors to vaginally violate women using an ultrasound transducer?

  • D_C_Wilson

    Here’s the response I got when I emailed my state rep to tell him to oppose the bill:

    Good morning. Thank you for contacting me regarding House Bill 1077. I am not a co-sponsor of this bill. HB 1077 was removed from the table in the House on February 7, 2012 and awaits further action. I will keep your thoughts in mind if this legislation comes before the full House for consideration. If you would like to personally follow this legislation, you can track HB 1077 at

    If I can be of assistance on any other state related issue, please contact my district office at 534-1323 or email me at

  • Europe, get ready for an influx of women ready to jump the freaking ship.

    I can not express how angry I am over these recent BARBARIC attempts to intrude into the lives of women.

    EDIT: Fucking pricks.

    • Canada’s closer. Although they’ve got their own goddamned issues going on there.

      • Yeah, their right wing is making inroads. Assholes……….

    • ainsleyroad

      Europe and Canada, get ready for an influx of Americans if the GOP wins in 2012. I know it will be my mission to get the hell out of here if they keep the House, take the Senate and WH.

  • They call it “God’s will”, duh!!

  • bphoon

    I call it bullshit, but that’s just me…

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Remember, it’s only tyranny if the federal government does it, and only while there’s a Democratic president.

    Remember, the federal government is not allowed to do anything except declare war and deliver the mail, so if it does anything else that’s “tyranny.” But the states are allowed to do anything they want, so nothing the states do can ever be tyrannical.