States File Another Lawsuit in Texas Against the Obama Admin

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

A large group of states led by none other than Texas attorney general and smirking schmuck Ken Paxton have filed yet another lawsuit in the state of Texas challenging the Obama administration's authority.

This new lawsuit seeks to block the administration from requiring overtime pay for millions of salaried employees.

Attorney General Ken Paxton on Tuesday led 21 states in suing the U.S. Labor Department over the new overtime rules in a federal district court in Texas. The Texas Association of Business, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other business leaders filed a similar lawsuit later in the day.

The new regulations — which go into effect in December — raise the overtime eligibility threshold to $47,476 a year from $23,660 a year.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed lawsuits on behalf of other states challenging everything from refugee resettlement, to deferred action against immigrants, to civil rights for transgender children, and clean energy.

Texas is their jurisdiction of choice because they know they're more likely to find a judge who will rule in their favor in Texas. They're judge-shopping.

Given the amount of time Ken Paxton devotes to oppressing the people of his own state, I have no idea how he finds time to do any other job. Paxton is without a doubt the greatest enemy of Texans. It's not as if the Obama administration's new rules won't apply to workers in Texas. It will, but Ken Paxton would rather it didn't.

Paxton is against overtime pay for Texans. He's against civil rights for Texans. He'd also like to see fewer Texans voting.

Here's a regular reminder that Ken Paxton is facing civil and criminal charges for securities fraud.

  • mnpollio

    I was riding on the Metro in DC recently and listening to a Scandanavian family who were heading to Washington National Airport (I refuse to call it Reagan National) and they were chatting with another woman who was asking them with interest about their trip. They had apparently flown into NYC and subsequently spent time in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and DC, before heading back to NYC.

    I am always interested in hearing opinions of our country from international visitors. In response to the woman’s queries, the family indicated that they found NYC very exciting and fast-paced, they enjoyed Chicago, found LA very laid back and relaxing, had quite enjoyed the history and museums in DC (although they were a tad surprised that so much of the nation’s capital had been allowed to become run-down, including the Metro system). In point of fact the only place they did not enjoy was Texas. “Was it the weather, the people or something else?” asked the woman. To which the family replied that it wasn’t the weather. They indicated that there was a surface niceness to the people, which is tempered by their constant nagging about how Texas is the best place ever and you better agree or else! The latter, they said, was often announced while giving derogatory comparisons to the rest of the nation. The family indicated that they were so worn down after a bit of being preached at about how Texas was the greatest place on earth (including telling them that every restaurant that was recommended to them would be “the best meal you ever ate!” and every attraction would be “the biggest thrill you will ever have!”). They just reached the point where they found the majority of the people they met there as being very smug, off-putting and arrogant. The father indicated that he was also taken aback by their form of “patriotism” which did not extend beyond the borders of Texas. In short, they met a large number of people that love Texas, but apparently hate the remainder of the country – including the government and citizens not from Texas.

    There was once a time I had an interest in seeing Texas for its history, but the more people I meet from Texas, the more people I talk to from Texas, and the more I hear about Texas, the more I want to avoid it like a lab storing the Ebola virus.

    • JMAshby

      I haven’t been to Dallas or Texas in a long time, but that sounds about right. I have distant family in Dallas that we used to visit quite regularly when I was a kid. It’s a lot more diverse now than in 1992 though so maybe it’s not as bad now.

  • This guy is working directly against my interests, and literally trying to take money out of my pocket that I could use to make a better life for me and my family. But he has an (R) after his name, so what choice do I have but to vote for him and his party?

  • muselet

    I invite all the plaintiffs in these two lawsuits to work 44–48 hours a week for $24K a year and no overtime pay.

    My five bucks says not a one of them would last a month without whining like a sleepy toddler.