Steve King Has Gone Bye Bye, Egon

Written by SK Ashby

We’ve entered the third (fourth?) day of Representative Steve King (R-IA) defending his comments on the majority of DREAMers being drug runners, but nothing he has said up to this point has been as bizarre as what he said today during an interview with Laura Ingraham.

King: For the point of public information, that description comes from many days down on the border, riding and sitting with the border patrol and without them at night, no night vision, watching the shadows come across the border, picking people up personally with my hands, unloading illegal drugs out of a vehicle with a false bottom under the truck.

I mean this is a personal experience and I sit there at night and border patrol agents would come to me one at a time in their civil clothes and talk to me clandestinely and they don’t want any names, locations, or dates. They want me to know what’s going on down there. This description is the description from that kind of experience.

Apparently Steve King is now a secret border control agent who spends his nights sitting alone in the dark watching the border. He has also picked up DREAMer drug smugglers ‘personally with his own hands.’ And, as he sits on the border at night, real border control agents will approach him in civilian clothes (to hide their identity) and give him the real story on immigration.

No names. No dates. Civilian clothing. Clandestinely. Because someone may observe King’s secret meetings with informants on the border at night where, sans nightvision, he ‘watches the shadows come across the border’ like some Minuteman Owl.

At least that’s what he claims occurs on those late nights.

Have you ever seen the back of a 20 dollar bill, on weed? Red team go!