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Steve King: Only Straight “Natural” Families Should Get Tax Credits

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

The Trump campaign unveiled a useless policy proposal this week that calls for providing measly tax credits to pay for child care, but not all of Trump's surrogates are on board with the idea.

Trump adviser and secret border control agent Steve "Calves the Size of Cantaloupes" King (R-IA) appeared on CNN this morning where he said only straight couples should be eligible for tax credits.

"I want to respect all people but I want to promote the natural family, Chris, and I think that's the most wholesome thing that we can do," he said on CNN's "New Day."

"The natural family is a man and woman joined together hopefully in holy matrimony blessed by God with children," the Donald Trump supporter added.

Wholesome is not a word I would use to describe Steve King.

It's not clear if King understands that creating a law that only benefits straight married couples would be unconstitutional. The Supreme Court has already ruled against states and lower court systems that have denied benefits to same-sex couples. Same-sex marriage and all that entails is the law of the land.

Legally we know where things stands, morally Steve King is a piece of shit. There are plenty of people in America who would say immigrant and interracial families are not "natural family." White supremacists like Steve King would certainly say they aren't natural. The idea that transgender individuals and couples are not natural is now official Republican party doctrine.

Defining who is or is not "natural" is a very slippery slope that has been used for literally all of American history to exclude citizens from public institutions and greater society.

Regarding tax credits for child care -- this is garbage policy. Families who need help the most do not have significant amounts of taxable income and a tax credit is of little use to a family that cannot afford to pay for child care up front. Moreover, the Trump policy calls for providing just $1,200 per year in credit which isn't enough to pay for even half a year. Furthermore, the Trump policy includes no substantive way to actually pay for it.

Providing tax credits for child care is a rich person's idea of what working families need.

  • Victor the Crab

    As soon as the words “blessed by God” came out of the diseased mouth of Iowa congressman and walking anal wart Steve King, like some liquid shit sputtering out of a pig’s sphincter, Jesus should have arrived from heaven and proceeded to violently smack King all over the front of his ignorant face until it was swollen and purple, like he did the money lenders, and then told King, who’s laying on the ground in a painful daze, “DON’T YOU EVER SPEAK SHIT LIKE THAT ON BEHALF OF MY DAD AND I EVER AGAIN, MOTHERFUCKER, OR I’LL TURN YOUR OTHER CHEEKS ALL OVER THE PLACE TILL NEXT SUNDAY!!!”

  • Georgie
  • GrafZeppelin127

    …a tax credit is of little use to a family that cannot afford to pay for child care up front.

    Exactly. Just like “health savings accounts” are of no help to a person or family that can’t afford health insurance.

    This is a consistent thread that runs through all Republican proposals that pretend to help actual people: They’re only useful to people who already have money and can already afford the things they’re being helped with. Tax credits are of no use to anyone with no tax liability.

  • muselet

    I wonder if Steve King considers adopted children or children from previous marriages to be part of a “natural family.” All he talked about was people breeding like proverbials so the country could avoid “importing a counter culture that may be alien to the values of the American way of life” (because of course King can’t let pass any opportunity to prove his xenophobic bona fides).

    Thank you, Iowa, for inflicting this small-minded ignoramus on the nation as a whole.

    (And yes, tax credits for child care is terrible policy.)


  • Toolymegapoopoo

    “…blessed by God…”

    I guess atheist married couples, such as me and my wife, are shit out of luck as well. Fuck this dinosaur.

    • Scopedog

      Or us liberal Catholics who believe in separation of Church and State and believe in the idea that in the US, you have the right to believe…or not believe.

      Fuck this dinosaur. Seconded. King is a class A-1 asshole.

  • Aynwrong

    Unreal. What century are we living in again? The 21st? This is very depressing.

  • Last year I spent over $7000 on child care…that $1,200 is pointless. And it sure ain’t half.

    • JMAshby

      Exactly. A family member used to work for a day care center that was $1,200 per month.

    • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

      I pay in the neighborhood of 3.5k / mo (two kids, one in preschool).

      Childcare, alone, basically eats my wife’s entire post-tax paycheck.

      $1,200 ain’t gonna do shit for me.

      The government should pay for full childcare: day care, preschool, afterschool care. Lock, stock, and barrel. Soup to nuts. Including lunch/snack and activities. From birth to adulthood. It should also pay full medical, dental, and vision. It should include coverage during the summer and vacations. This is the richest country on earth and having a kid is basically a financial death sentence.

      But we can’t have nice things because we need to spend how many billions of dollars per hour on the military. This country has its priorities seriously fucked up.

    • Draxiar

      I think this touches on one of the poverty traps in America. Child care being as expensive as it is can block the ability for someone to do all the things they want to do to get out of poverty. It could well end up costing them more money to get a job or a college degree because of the child care expenses (among many other things…college tuition being one of them).
      I don’t believe that people *want* to live in poverty or “off government handouts” as some would have us believe. Sure there are some that will always try to game the system…most are just trying to feed their kids and maintain their dignity.

      • Exactly. What’s the point of working if all that effort only goes toward paying for child care AND some stranger gets to raise your kids. So conservatives can give you a pat on the back for not being “lazy”? Screw that. Every time I hear about another kid dying, getting molested or abused at a daycare I think about this issue. Those are our choices…leave them with strangers who can and sometimes will hurt them or stay at home. Either way, we’re economically screwed.