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(Cartoonist - Pat Bagley)

In other news, it appears that one of the Trump's foreign policy advisers is a Holocaust denier. Former DoD Inspector General Joseph Schmitz allegedly bragged about firing Jewish employees and told a former colleague that "the ovens were too small to kill 6 million Jews."

This man was the Pentagon's Inspector General from 2002 to 2005. No wonder everything went to shit.

Meanwhile, a group calling themselves INDECLINE installed life-size statues of a nude Donald Trump across the country this morning. The Associated Press story is safe for work, barely.

Finally, Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort reportedly tried to stop the infamous taco bowl tweet on Cinco De Mayo, but was overruled by Trump's children.

On Cinco de Mayo, Trump happened to be eating a taco bowl for lunch at his desk in Trump Tower. Manafort was in the office with other aides when a member of the family suggested they tweet a picture of Trump enjoying his “Mexican” lunch.

Manafort politely suggested that this might be seen as condescending and cautioned against it. The tweet went out. Trump himself was delighted by the resulting controversy. “The people who were offended were people we wanted to offend,” he later said.

Everyone seems to think one of Trump's sons told him to tweet the taco bowl, but my money is on Ivanka. We may never know.

  • swift_4

    Trumps kids are like him. They were born into great wealth and lived an insulated life in great wealth. They will get more and more disconnected with each generation, until their money dries up.

    Obama’s kid worked a stint as a waitress. So even though she is insulated and had Secret Service hanging around her at the time, she’ll know what work is, and will learn a lot about how people should treat each other from experiences like that.

    • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

      until their money dries up

      This is one of the great arguments for an Estate Tax that no one ever really talks about. Without it, wealth, like Trumps, easily builds up generation over generation. The Estate Tax makes it a lot harder to maintain an American aristocracy.

      • It may be an argument for it but it’s not one we can use because it would alienate many people.

        • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

          Be that as it may, between the three of them, Carnegie, JP Morgan, and Rockefeller, were worth the present day equivalent of a TRILLION dollars. Let that sink in, and then imagine what happens if that wealth were allowed to concentrate and compound for a century. There’d intermarry and there’d be some guy walking around worth half the GDP of the US.

          If it weren’t for the estate tax, we’d have de facto royalty.

          • What do you mean “we would”? I think we already do.

      • Maynard Phistlewhite

        Better yet would be a tax on earned interest deducted as it is earned. I’m thinking a rate around 75%. Of course there should be a threshold of around $10,000.

  • Badgerite

    A headline I am hoping never to see.
    “Leaders of Congress and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff advised ‘president trump’ not to nuke Australia, but were overruled by the Trump children.”
    Are his children the ones he means to “use” in lieu of the US intelligence services?

  • Aynwrong

    I thought the kids were supposed to be the ones who could rein him in.

    • Badgerite

      I wouldn’t bet on it. Esquire has an excellent piece of in depth reporting on the life and times of Jared Kushner. I swear to God, they come off like the family in the Godfather
      It is all about the family. Loyalty to the family and its wealth and status. What could bring more status than the White House. And,,, a pardon for Jared Kushner’s father who pleaded guilty ( and was guilty) to tax evasion and retaliation against a witness in his case and had to serve something like two years in jail. The witness whom he sought to ‘retaliate against’ was his brother-in-law. Apparently the “humiliation” of his father’s conviction and imprisonment stung the young Jared to the quick. He was supposedly the one who edged out Christie and nudged the Trump Monster toward Pence. And he tends to use his power of ownership of the Observer in a rather vengeful manner. There is an account by the reporter of attempts by Jared Kushner to get the paper to do reporting that would have badly damaged the reputation of a creditor who refused to give him extra time to pay off the loan on his over leverage purchase in Manhattan. It is a very interesting article to see just how the human dynamic of this family would play out in Washington. To me, it does not seem like a………good idea.

      • Aynwrong

        Yeah I’ve had this impression about the Trumps for a while now. They are utterly unconcerned for anything or anyone but themselves. The Godfather comparison sounds about right.

        Hey, are you having trouble accessing the Cesca blog today? My disqus account is no longer even appearing on the blog pages. And I have clear out at least a days worth of history to see every new post. It’s really frustrating.

        • Badgerite

          Yes I am. Disqus doesn’t seem to be working. On the newer posts.
          Cesca said something about server issues on his twitter but I’m not sure that is what this is about. ??????????
          Seems to be only on my Chromebook , though. On my other computer the site works the same as always. Including Disqus. ??????
          No idea. If you find out. let me know. Thanks

  • Toolymegapoopoo