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Sullivan Reacts to Newsweek Backlash

So Sullivan was targeted by all sides as an Obamabot and an Obama apologist following his Newsweek cover story.

But last night he very obviously and self-consciously reacted to critics by completely trashing the president's speech and by praising Mitch Daniels' ultra-conservative, the-sky-is-falling-AAAHHHH! response -- a response, by the way, in which Daniels, George W. Bush's budget director who presided over turning a surplus into a record deficit and doubled the national debt, chastised the president for adding to the debt! Instead, this "sane Republican," as Sullivan called him, demanded more tax cuts for the rich -- a prospect that, when passed by the Bush team, contributed most to the debt.

It happens too often. I somehow get lulled into being sympathetic to Sullivan, and then he turns around and kneejerks into something more closely resembling a cable news "better not look too biased" hack.

  • ArrogantDemon

    The Okey Doke again……

    god damn him

  • willpen

    As I mentioned in my earlier comment I was interested in seeing how he would back track a bit in the next day or two. Well he already has, to some extent, somewhat begrudgingly.

  • MrDHalen

    I have learned not to get too caught up in the levels of agreement I have with Sullivan. I have trained myself to always see him as a conservative; this is important because that’s what he is. I have also learned that he can be quickly emotional about a topic, but his readers tend talk him off the ledge and some rationality returns.

    I don’t believe he is trying not to look too biased, I don’t think he cares, but the few real conservative like him have arrived at their positions via their life experiences and what they know. That is why I read Sullivan, because he is a window into an ideology that is different from mine, but shared by many people I come into contact with. I don’t have to like or agree with him, but he is one of the few modern conservatives I can stomach.

    • hockley

      Sullivan is quite emotional, and can be ‘all over the place’ .
      Sometimes, he makes sense; other times, I have to wonder where his mind is.

  • caribbeanobserver

    Bob, I liked the ‘lulled into Sullivan bit’ because that is exactly how I feel.
    I almost feel like he insults my inteligence when he then proceeds to do the 180.
    I am not surprised about his take on Mitch Daniels. He had wanted him to be the nominee quite awhile back.

  • It was so obvious Sullivan up to the SOTU was going to trash it. He want’s Obama to embrace Simpson-Bowles when it’s a non-starter with the GOP because it has so many tax increases. He’s just another pundit that seeks bullshit balance in the media.

  • willpen

    The biggest dissent that Sullivan is facing from his readers is the fact that he completely lacked the ability to see Obama’s long game here just a week or so after he was the one to write about it. I too was kind of taken back by his complete 180 last night.

    Two years ago I couldn’t even stand reading or listening to what he said but I really feel that he has turned some kind of political corner in his life and that is why I am able to temper my anger to some extent. He has continued to stand up to what he wrote last night but I am interested to see what happens in the days to come.

  • trgahan

    Sullivan is a mercenary and knows if he pisses off progressives just enough, it gets him the page hits and buzz he needs to stay relevant and wealthy. No different than any other professional pundit. Their biggest challenge is fighting apathy, not intellectual consistency or integrity. We fell for it 100% with Hitchens. When are we going to stop biting is the better question.

    • On Hitchens I disagree. He was a true believer of his own spin….not to make money.

  • This is why I stopped reading him. It infuriates me when he does this crap. Plus, I don’t know if you read his race and IQ crap, but that gave me an entirely new perspective on him, a perspective that was not flattering in the least.

    • caribbeanobserver

      Remember, he is a Tory Brit of the old boys club, so I am not surprised at his shenanigens,at times.

      • That may be true, but that doesn’t excuse some of his BS. While I don’t worry over his two-faced stances, I do think he needs to criticized to the nth degree on this race/IQ business. That all being said, I still read him because enough other people do and some people actually listen to him.

      • sorry, system hiccuped and did double post

  • He’s just another apologist for conservativism. He dresses it up once in a while with kind words about the POTUS, but he’s stuffed most of the last 30 years down the memory hole.

  • I’m not sure this is a reaction to accusations of bias. Sullivan has always loved “trickle down” so it doesn’t surprise me that he supports tax breaks for the rich (& after all, he is rich). And Sullivan went into last night saying the deficit/debt was one of the most important, if not THE most important, issues facing us. It’s just that previously he felt the President was taking this “sky is falling because of debt” issue seriously and after last night, he doesn’t believe that any more.

    Don’t get upset by Sullivan…it’s not worth it

  • JMAshby

    Consistency seems to be a very tall order these days.