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Picard and Riker Facepalm

Colorado State Senator Vicki Marble (R) is at it again. The lawmaker who said that poverty is higher among minorities because of poor genetics, fried chicken, and porno, among other things, believes that people are using food stamps to buy weed.

Marble has sponsored bill SB 14-037 to prevent people from using their food stamps to buy weed for reasons only Marble and her colleagues in the local Republican party would fall for.

Last week, the satirical National Report posted a fake story entitled “Colorado Pot Shop Accepting Food Stamps – Taxpayer Funded Marijuana for Welfare Recipients.” [...]

A conservative news site picked up the story, apparently duped. The Douglas County Republican Committee, also apparently believing the story real, linked to the report on its Twitter feed last Tuesday.

A day later, Marble’s bill was filed in the state Senate.

Someone who believes people are using food stamps to buy weed would probably believe anything you tell them. Well, almost anything. Let’s not get carried away. Marble clearly wouldn’t believe you if you told her that poor diet is a symptom of poverty, not the cause.