Super Stupid

Wingnut logic ahoy!

You may have heard today that Rush Limbaugh and his fellow winguts are organizing a boycott of General Motors as long as the government owns a piece of it.

As John Cole observes, wouldn't that hurt all of those Republican GM car dealership owners?

Just a couple of weeks ago, the wingnuts were crapping their cages over the fact that a suspiciously high number of soon-to-be closed GM dealerships were owned by Republicans. The "conspiracy" that President Obama was taking out some political revenge on McCain supporters made it all the way to Fox News Channel. It turned out that the political party affiliation of dealership owners was merely reflective of the fact that 86 percent of all car dealerships are owned by Republicans.

But now Limbaugh and his wingnutty dittoheads want to boycott GM -- and, therefore, all of those Republican car dealerships. Cole:

These idiots can’t even keep an internally consistent wingnut meme going for a couple weeks. No wonder the rest of the country has no clue what the hell they are talking about.