Super Stupid

Dennis Kucinich will never be taken seriously. He has some great ideas on policy, and I like his juggernaut style. But he says and does a lot of stupid things that reinforce his caricature as an unserious joker.

On Saturday, Kucinich suggested that the president's Libya policy -- a policy that's in keeping with a decision by the UN Security Council -- is an impeachable offense.

"And I'm raising the question as to whether or not it's an impeachable offense. It would appear on its face to be an impeachable offense."

This could actually be more bizarre than his lawsuit against the congressional cafeteria because he bit into an olive with a pit.

Now, the policy itself is open for debate. Other than the hypocrisy of how we intend to pay for it, I haven't really decided whether this was a wise decision. But declaring this whole thing to be an impeachable offense, despite our commitment to the UN Security Council, just makes Kucinich look like an attention whore.