Voter Suppression



On Monday of this week voter ID became a requirement in the state of Texas but, wouldn’t you know, a lot of people lack ID and very few have been able to obtain one so far.

Voter ID’s defenders often point to the fact that states that have enacted these voter suppression laws typically offer free IDs to voters who can jump through certain bureaucratic hoops necessary to obtain one as evidence that the laws will not actually have a significant negative impact on voters, but the data in Texas suggests that these free IDs will do little to mitigate the impact of the law. Despite an estimated 1.4 million voters in Texas who lack a photo ID, Texas has issued only 41 free ID cards since last week.

If only this, a problem that will have immediate effects, received half as much coverage as the problems currently facing the federal healthcare exchange.

At least half a million people have successfully filed applications on both the federal and individual state exchanges, but if you’ve paid any attention to cable news or beltway newspapers lately, you’d think the apocalypse was upon us because a hulking database is experiencing technical difficulties.

Healthcare dot gov has been compared — I shit you not — to Hurricane Katrina and Iraq by Republicans, and compared to the BP oil spill and the government shutdown by supposed liberals.

Meanwhile, a real tragedy is unfolding in Texas. But this problem will primarily effect those people. You know the ones.

  • mrbrink

    This has also been compared to ‘Hitler in the bunker’ by libertarian hipster douchebag Nick Gillespie on CNN the other day, just to round out the idiot choir consensus who have no idea what the fuck they’re talking about anymore, or just don’t care to know. They’ve got one mission and one mission only: depantsing the government and laughing as the president struggles to pull them up. The debate over this is like listening to Clown school dropouts setting fire to the circus. Republicans stabbed the economy like human jailhouse shivs– in broad daylight– and the guards are responding by handing them towels to clean themselves off. See, this is the debate Republicans wanted this to be about– the ACA roll-out, but it was hijacked, along with the country, by Ted Cruz and the REAL GOP. They shut the government down the same day the ACA website went live– the same day that GTA V Online went live, so maybe no one noticed, but they’ve been trying to kill it and disrupt its implementation every day for the last four years and even resorted to taking the country hostage to do it. Now they get to have their debate, despite the fact that they should be arrested for sedition, and no longer credible stewards of moral and fiscal issues. But to hear complaints about a less-than-smooth initial website roll-out from these fucking know-nothing heathen molesters who never stood in a public aid line is like having to listen to Ann Coulter try to be funny while Satan himself crawls out of her ass to remind her that they have an appointment. The whole “debate” going on over this must be what concerned commentary sounds like to sociopaths and practicing mental defectives.

    But I think that the more Republicans try to attack the technology, especially when you are a party to destroying it, they’re only going to come off like a bunch of insincere morons because I think most reasonable people understand that technology sometimes is a stupid goddamn piece of shit! It’s shit! SHHHIIIiiiiiiiIIIIIiiiiiiIIIIIT!!! Stupid, stupid, stupid! Fuck, you technology! Oh, stop smashing the technology on the floor with the ACME hammer and just press “send?” Okay. Yeah, that works.

    Republicans have set major fires on board the USS Enterprise over and over, but these great debaters and concerned citizens of Bizarro world want to burn Chekov alive and impoverish his children for bumping into a fucking rubber wall.

    This “debate” is beyond obscene, and is being directed by a small minority of domestic terrorists and their billionaire benefactors. This debate is the engine running the getaway car for Republican treason.

    As for Texas, I think this is just one key reason why Wendy Davis is going to shock the world and turn Texas blue.

    • Now all I can see is Cruz and Bachmann with clown hair and make-up in orange jumpsuits stabbing people with sharpened toothbrushes whilst beating them with rubber chickens. Reading your comments/posts are like taking just a scosche of acid. Which suits the absurdity of what we’ve had to deal with recently. Well done, sir, well done!

      • mrbrink

        I apologize for any weird flashbacks.

        • May the FSM help me if I have ever seen Cruz or Bachmann like that at any point in the past…no need to apologize. 😉

  • One of Those People.