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JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Rob Rogers)

In other news, Trump's former henchman and fixer Michael Cohen now says "family and country" are the most import things to him. Cohen's new lawyer is expected to end a joint defense agreement with Trump which allowed them to share information.

Is he flipping?

Meanwhile, Trump's national security adviser John Bolton says they have plans to dismantled North Korea's nuclear program within a year. Has anyone told him the North is actually expanding their nuclear program?

Finally, the Wall Street Journal reports that Chinese telecommunication company ZTE played musical chairs to appease regulators in the Trump regime. A deal that required them to hire new leadership resulted in shuffling officials from one area of the company to another, effectively preserving the status quo.

The company named eight new directors as part of an overhaul that includes the firing of dozens of top executives. The incoming board members, however, were handpicked by ZTE’s state-backed controlling shareholder, filings show, and the majority are veteran officials of the shareholder or its state-backed parent companies.

At least two of ZTE’s outgoing directors may also continue to wield influence over the firm because they hold stakes in a company that owns part of the shareholder, a holding company called Zhongxingxin. The U.S. Department of Commerce demanded new leadership at ZTE but it doesn’t require any executives or directors to divest stakes.

This "deal" is probably going to be blocked by Congress at some point. For now, the ban on ZTE remains in place.

  • waspuppet

    “Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton says they have plans to dismantled North Korea’s nuclear program within a year.”

    Am I missing something here? Isn’t it up to North Korea to dismantle their nuclear program? Wouldn’t our doing it constitute, um, an act of war?

  • muselet

    Required reading (h/t commenter “M. Krebs” at Roy Edroso’s place).


    • waspuppet

      This guy is considered an influential intellectual? I had rich, not-as-bright-as-they-thought classmates in middle school who came up with this shit.

      Every time I think I know how stupid conservatives are, I realize I’m still giving them too much credit. They’re still smugly telling me about the Electoral College as if I didn’t finish 7th grade.

      • muselet

        It doesn’t take much actual lintellectualism to be considered an intellectual—or to become influential—in Right-wing circles.