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Taste The Freedom


Artist — Pat Bagley

Think Progress is reporting “Chemical-related hospital admissions in West Virginia have doubled since water was deemed safe.”

Part of the increased hospitalizations and calls may be due to confusion on the part of West Virginia residents, who in the last week have been repeatedly given conflicting information about the spill and whether they should use the water.

It’s okay, though. While conservatives continue to demand further deregulation of the job creators who end up poisoning the water supply, wrecking what’s left of local communities and the economy after decades of trickle-down economics, it’s still nowhere near as concerning, or deadly, as a glitchy government website. Drink up, America.

  • Amanda

    What is truly amazing is that this company was allowed to owe back IRS/payroll taxes for YEARS. Same with property taxes. I run a few small businesses and I know well enough that my rinky dink companies could never get away with owing taxes for any period of time.
    Freedom will still have to go before a bankruptcy court, but don’t be surprised when they get the judge they want and he/she is paid off. That is WV politics for you.

    Our state is model for a libertarian experiment and should show the world what a crock libertarianism really is. Privatize your public works (water company) and allow industry to self regulate. You can blame Dems or Repubs.. but the philosophy is the same!

  • GeneralButler

    Governmental privatization will be the next great conservative Republican destructive force in America and may be equal to or greater than the devastating effects of trickle-down (supply-side) economics to the economy of the United States. Governmental privatization in general is typically 25% more expensive with much lower quality levels than that of governmental production. Private sector industry will consistently pay lower wages and implement severe cost cutting measures to ensure large salaries and bonuses for the executives and the CEO’s of these companies. This will tend to lead to very low quality standards while lowering the standard of living in general in the U.S. Governmental privatization is a bad idea all the way around.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Private companies have to make a profit. Government agencies just have to break even. So far, there’s been no data to support the claim that the “magic of the marketplace” in areas of tradition government services, like education, prison operations, or highway toll collection, gets us better results with lower costs. In fact, the opposite is often true.

      These privatization groups see the government as a great big piggy bank ready for them to crack open and scoop up all the cash. It’s not about looking out for the taxpayers. It’s about how they can make tons of money with little risk.

    • Very true but what makes it even more dangerous is that the industries they are taking over, such as prisons and education, affects some of our most fundamental rights. Take prisons, for example. To have a private corporation with a profit motive in charge of people’s liberty is a completely antithetical. They are loyal first and foremost to their shareholders. The government is charged not only with administering justice but also charged with protecting our rights. It’s goals are symbiotic because justice inherently involves our rights. Corporations have no such aspirations or obligations.