Tax Cut Magic

More evidence that the Republicans aren't going to change a bit.

From Senator Roy Blunt's (R-MO) appearance on Fox News this morning

BLUNT: I think, frankly, this is a great opportunity for the president to step forward, he’s just been reelected, he doesn’t have to run for office again, and come up with a plan that actually can pass. And I think that means, don’t do the across the board cuts, come up with a way to have really targeted cuts and look at ways to increase revenue by one growing the economy, and two, maybe look at the tax code, just like Governor Romney suggested, you look at tax code and increase revenue without increasing taxes.

Just like Governor Romney suggested! The same Governor Romney who just lost an election while proposing that we increase revenue through osmosis.

Likewise, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell also reiterated today that he doesn't believe anything has changed and that he's happy with the status quo.

“Saying we need a balanced approach is not a plan … it’s simply a poll-tested talking point,” McConnell said. “The time for the president to lead is now and that means offering a concrete plan that can pass when half of Congress disagrees with raising taxes.”

McConnell said Republicans are willing to increase revenue by simplifying the tax code, rather than raising tax rates on those making more than $250,000 a year, which he said would only fund the government for one week. [...]

“Republicans like me have said we’re open to tax reform if we address entitlements,” McConnell said. “New revenue must be tied to genuine entitlement reform."

Yes. A balanced approached is poll tested. Over 60 million Americans voted for it exactly one week ago.

President Obama is holding all the cards here. The Republicans can compromise and taxes will go up, or they can sit on their hands and taxes will go up. The latter will make them look bitterly partisan and unreasonable.

Expect President Obama and Harry Reid to talk about a "grand bargain" and appear overly generous for the rest of the year, because they know it will never happen. And the more reasonable they look, the more unreasonable the Republicans look. They will box the Republicans into a corner much the same way they did last December over payroll tax cuts.

  • “Over 60 million Americans voted for it exactly one week ago.”

    Was flipping through channels and saw Soledad O’Brien (on Starting Point?) getting upset with Debbie Wasserman. Wasserman asserted that Pres. had spent 18 months campaigning on a balanced approach of cuts and tax raises and the results of the election show that the American people want this. Soledad’s response was well the House is the same and it’s not like Romney got 20% of the vote, he got 49%. Wasserman rejoins with the notion that we’d just do cuts and cut back on taxes and deductions, etc…that notion lost. Soldead leans over to her and puts her fingers real close together and says, “This much” in a real smartass way. It got me to wondering, how many supposed journalists back in 2004 declared that Bush had a mandate but in 2012 won’t say the same for Pres. Obama whose margin of victory was bigger.

    Besides, what Soledad and her shitty attitude missed was the real point. That the President has been offering a balanced approach, a compromise position, all along–cuts plus raise taxes. So if her point is that the President should compromise to some kind of middle ground, he already has fer fuck’s sake. What Romney was proposing was extreme and now the Republicans want to hang their hat on the extreme position? Let ’em….Dumbasses. And I hope it bites them in the ass.

    PS: This is why I don’t watch cable news…..their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    Link to the exchange:

  • Draxiar

    Mitch “one trick pony” McConnell has to go. If people are tired of Congressional gridlock then dump his sorry ass since he’s a big part of it.

  • what the republicans mean by the president needs to show leadership is, cut taxes on the rich and gut social know: real leadership. ….a -holes

  • Victor_the_Crab

    What part of “you lost” don’t you Republican fuckfaces understand?!!

    • KXA

      Maybe it is the part that has them still controlling the House of representatives?

      • But the Democrat candidates won MORE votes overall than the Repubs. Protecting their districts by creating more Repub districts via the gerrymander negated the Dmocrat vote majority. Here in Ohio, John Boehner’s district wraps around Mike Turner’s (R-OH). Really crazy district drawing the Repub’s did after the 2010 census. It’s nice to control the rules of the game you are playing at the same time. Without the gerrynmander, the House might be Democrat also.

        • KXA

          Everything you wrote is correct but in the end the Republicans control the House of Representatives. If Gerrymandering is the problem then unleash the Justice Department well before the election.

          Until then, the question: “What part of “you lost” don’t you Republican fuckfaces understand?!!” seems simply foolish.


          • Victor_the_Crab


          • KXA

            OK. Seemed obvious that the part the “fuckfaces” didn’t understand about “you lost” is that they won control of the House. Enough said.

          • Victor_the_Crab

            Okay, let me make it simple for you.

            Fuck off, concern troll, and go crawl back under your bridge.

  • KXA

    JM, are you saying that President Obama And Senator Reid will not follow through on a “Grand Bargain” with the Republicans in congress that offers up reductions in Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid to get increases in taxation?

    • bphoon

      He’s saying the President has the leverage. The Republicans do not. He knows full well that congressional Republicans won’t bargain in good faith and they’ve already said they won’t accept tax increases on the wealthiest Americans.

      Fully 60+million Americans voted to endorse that program and polls have shown a healthy majority of Americans favor ending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans for several years now. The longer congressional Republicans obstruct and obfuscate on this issue the more unreasonable they will appear to the general public–at least the clear majority who voted for a Democratic President, Democratic Senators and Democratic Representatives.

      Congressional Republicans are–again–maneuvering themselves into a corner they won’t be able to get out of. Once there, their only choices will be to capitulate or continue to obstruct. Either way, it won’t end well for them. The only way for them to avoid that is to come to understand the changed dynamics of the conversation, come to the table and negotiate in good faith for a change.

      Tea Party Republican: “If you compromise with Obama, we’ll primary you!” Republican elected official: “Really? So that would mean you want a Democrat elected then?”

      Simple enough for you this time?

      • KXA

        Thanks for simplifying it for me. I agree the President has leverage and has had that ever since he was first elected, but that is not what I asked.

        I’ll ask you again simply, will the President ultimately agree to cuts in the hallmark programs of liberalism in order to complete the “grand bargain?”

        To me the idea that the Republican’s will somehow “come to understand the changed dynamics of the conversation, come to the table and negotiate in good faith for a change.” seems simply naive.

        Pleas feel free to school me, but first answer the question plainly.

        • bphoon

          I’m not going to play your hypothetical game. I don’t know what the President will do. You’ll have to ask him.

          I didn’t say the Republicans will somehow come to understand the changed dynamics of the conversation, come to the table and negotiate in good faith for a change. I said that is the only way they have now to stay out of the corner they’re currently painting themselves into. I don’t expect them to do that. They’ve not shown themselves to be interested in any kind of good faith negotiation thus far and their rhetoric since the election has shown them to be as delusional as ever.

          They already lost this argument at the ballot box. If they insist on continuing to obstruct the will of We,the People they will pay a price for that. If they are intent on political self immolation, so be it.

          I’m done with you now.

          • KXA

            “I’m done with you know”? Really, I thought I was simple.

            I was originally asking JM if he was serious that the “grand bargain… will NEVER happen” (emphasis mine).

            You then explained that JM was “actually” saying that the President has leverage and I have always believed that. An honest reading of his post doesn’t support that assertion

            I think there is another way the Republicans will once again get out of the corner they have painted themselves into – Democrats agreeing to and voting for the “grand bargain”.

            JM stated that that will “never” happen.

            I don’t claim to know what will happen, but I do know that the only President who could make negative changes to Medicare and Social Security will be a Democrat. If a Republican President goes after those programs there will be a forceful and strong movement to resist. We’ll see soon enough.

            As far as losing the “argument at the ballot box”, honestly, the loss was only partial, as they still control the House.

            Simply enough for you bphoon.

            Adios, enjoy your marbles at home!

  • The Republicans can compromise and taxes will go up, or they can sit on their hands and taxes will go up. The latter will make them look bitterly partisan and unreasonable.

    The latter would be true for the general populace, but the R’s in office now and planning on running again in 2,4,6 years won’t get past the primaries if they go with the former.

    Which is why they’ll sit on their hands and blame the Democrats for the Hugely Massive Most Biggest Ever Gigantic Socialist Tax Increase.

  • muselet

    I wish I could say I’m surprised …


  • i_a_c

    McConnell certainly knows a little about poll-tested talking points.