Tax Haven

(Cartoonist - Rob Rogers)

In other news, Donald Trump has a 34 point lead in New York according to a new Emerson College poll. Hillary Clinton has an 18 point lead over Bernie Sanders.

Meanwhile, Bruce Springsteen has canceled a concert in North Carolina in protest of the state's anti-transgender bathroom law and ban on anti-discrimination ordinances.

And finally -- just like the rest of us, police in North Carolina have no idea how the anti-transgender bathroom law is suppose to be enforced.

"That's a very interesting question. We don't have police officers sitting at public bathrooms all day long," a spokesman at the Raleigh Police Department told me with a laugh. Over in Greensboro, the state's third-most-populous city, I received a similar answer. "We would respond if we received a complaint. It's not like we would be standing guard at bathrooms," said Susan Danielsen, a spokeswoman for the local police department, also suppressing a laugh. At the Wilmington Police Department, spokeswoman Linda Rawley said the law struck her as strange. "So that means people have to go to the bathroom with birth certificates? Yeah, that was curious to me." At the Asheville Police Department, spokeswoman Christina Hallingse noted, "We're not checking birth certificates. We just don't have the police power to be able to do that in bathrooms."

Since the law was enacted March 23, police departments across the state have been working to determine how they will enforce it. In addition to restricting bathroom use, it bans anti-discrimination protections based on sexual orientation. "Our staff, particularly our attorney's office, is trying to figure out what it all means," says Damien Graham, another spokesman for the Raleigh Police Department.

On another note, my new CPU cooling equipment arrived today but, wouldn't you know, I also need a different motherboard bracket to install it. Now I have to wait for that to ship.

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  • Badgerite

    Global warming, nuclear proliferation and the Zika virus don’t trouble these people. Bathroom issues do.
    Dear Lord.

  • Aynwrong

    To people who support this law:

    Your fear is rooted in ignorance. Transgendered people are statistically far more likely to be attacked or sexually assaulted then they are likely to be attacking anyone.

    Transgendered people have been using public bathrooms for as long as there have been transgendered people and public bathrooms. A law like this isn’t protecting anyone’s privacy. It’s an invasion of privacy. We never needed a law to protect anyone from some imagined threat before and we still don’t.

    It’s very possible you’ve used a public bathroom at the same time as a transgendered man or womam. Guess what? You survived. Congratulations.

    • Victor the Crab

      Cold comfort to their fragile, delicate psyches. These people need SOMEONE in which to project their hatred onto. And since they’re having difficulties putting gay people in their purported places, their next target are trans people. And, like all other groups of people they’ve tried to discriminate against for the benefit of their pathetic self worth, they will fail miserably in the end.

      • Aynwrong

        From your lips my friend…