John McCain

Taylor Marsh On Palin

As we all know, Marsh was the most outspoken supporter of Senator Clinton on the tubes. Her reaction:

This is a desperation play. McCain's trying to mute his geezer quotient with Palin's babe vibe. On that, well done, John. With McCain turning 72 today, this is beyond obvious.

However, so much for the "war on terror" being the transcendent issue of our time. The thought of Palin as commander in chief is frightening.

Women voters, especially HRC voters, were pro Hillary because she was very experienced and qualified.

Meanwhile, I'm watching the announcement on TV. Quaylin looks like a photo negative of Cindy McCain.

UPDATE: She sounds like a mix between Meghan McCain and William H. Macy's wife in Fargo. I keep waiting for her to say, "Yah. OMG."